Wyze Smart Button

I like the Smart Button idea, and I would expand it to possibly be a keypad that can be mounted on the wall (like next to the light switch). The buttons would tie to rules that your program on the app. That way, button 1 could be like “Go to bed routine” which turns off the lights in the house. Button 2 could be something like “set house in away mode” so when I leave, I press a button and all my sensors are on high alert. Button 3 could be “run the vacuum in the kitchen” . Etc…


Flic has a beautiful device but they must have a 300% markup. I suspect that using the same tech. as the wyze sensor with a nearby bridge is virtually the same thing at a cost of 20 bucks. Wyze. you are so close to a solution for this idea it should be a no brainer.


I have been waiting on this for over a year because I have Wyze for everything else and agree with everyone before me that this tech seems relatively simple in comparison with all the other items Wyze has already built.
Assuming that pricing stays consistent with other Wyze products then I will buy like 10 the moment we are able to pre-order. Can anyone from Wyze confirm where we are in the process of this product and whether this is an envitably that this will be created and is just backlogged behind other products or whether this is just a possibility and aren’t sure if there is a market for it?


I’m currently using a Flic button connected to IFTTT to control my Wyze bulbs in my room but I think something integrated specifically for Wyze would work much better.
Currently, my phone needs to be near the Flic to activate it since it needs a Bluetooth connection.
My idea for the Wyze Button would be that it could use the same frequency and hub for the Wyze Outdoor cam (wireless) to access the internet so a phone is not needed to use the button.
This button could be placed in the house to activate lights, outlets, or scenes in a room, or whole house!
This Wyze button would make my home automation so much better, especially for those who don’t want to shout at Google or use a phone to turn the lights on.
Ideally this new button would be battery based, and easily placed anywhere!

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It would be great for wyze to produce a smart button. One push, it starts/ends an automation, two pushes starts/ends another automation, three clicks starts/enf a different automation.

Thought behind it: turn cams on and off, unlock/lock the lock, start vacuum or spot clean. (If they just a siren, could be used as a panic button of sort without triggering the cops). The options are limitless and placed in the right locations could be easier than using Google or alexal

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I noticed that people are repurposing their Sense V1 so I decided to actually make the this bracket that has been in my head for some time now. Feedback is welcome.


Lutron caseta button is great. I use it to turn on all lights chosen at night with a remote on nightstand. Also the lamp module works with a button. A little pricey but buttons are the real deal for many situtions. Still want them smart too, but need both for many things.


Broadlink now offers a 4-device smart button, but aside from Broadlink devices, it only offers control via Alexa routines.

It is $25 with the required hub, $22 for the button alone.

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Something like Aqara Wireless Mini Switch, Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Connection, Versatile 3-Way Control Button for Smart Home Devices, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Works with IFTTT - - Amazon.com would be awesome. Having a programmable button I can press to turn on and off a smart plug or lights would be awesome. Saw a video where a shop vac was left switched on and was plugged into the smart plug. They would use the botton to turn on and off the vacuum. This would be great! Needs to be done ASAP!

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Yes please!!! Give me 20!!

  1. allow my wife to turn on and off lights light on her night stand. She can’t stand the bulbs and always turn them off so I can’t control them with voice or routines.
  2. I would have a goodnight button on my night stand. Once pushed it would turn all lights off inside and all lights on outside. Then it would activate my home security system. Plus turn the thermostat to 69 and then on my humidifier.
  3. Enable it to work with echo devices so that I can have buttons say in my kitchen that would play a specific playlist
  4. button for my daughter to easily turn her lamps on. Also put buttons at her night to turn the bathroom lights on so she can see at night.
  5. put some outside on my smoker to turn specific lights on outside so I can see my food.
  6. button to turn notifications off for specific cameras while I am working out in the yard or we are hanging out back.
  7. Would use it for countless Alexa routines.
  8. I have a harmony hub that is connected to Alexa. I would love a button that could interact with the routines in Alexa to turn on specific setting in my theater room. Like turn on the projector, drop the screen down, turn lights off, turn the Xbox on then make my Alexa in the room play the IMAX theme song.
  9. Would use it for a timer for bed time for my daughter through Alexa routines.
  10. once the temperature sensors come out I would set up a Alexa routine to work with a button to announce the temperature in my kegerator.
  11. Button to turn off and on all cameras inside
  12. Button to run the water sprinkler in specific zones
  13. Linked with Alexa it could be used to open my garage by a button

A feature I would like to see is a light on it if it’s activated or not. Doesn’t have to be bright. Maybe green for on and red for off. But make it dimmable and optional.

Maybe even a small chime when it’s hit or a routine triggers the light like human detected at front door.

Maybe make it to where the buttons are time aware so if I hit the button between 4 and 11 pm then it will activate one routine but any other time it would activate another.

Maybe a dial nod so that you can rotate it to turn brightness up or down on specific lamps. Possible with Alexa routines I could use it to control the volume with a specific speaker group or tv.

Got many more. Let me know if you want me to keep spitting out ideas. LoL


Ok. Here’s the idea.

The Wyze Button!

This button can be programmable to perform any action that can be performed in the app.
This would be the go-to solution to turn on/off Wyze lightbulbs, Wyze plugs, as well as control other things. (Think of a button to press for when you arrive in your home to turn off motion sensing on the cameras)
The button should be able to support either multiple buttons on a single button for different actions and/or multiple presses for different scenarios.
I can’t imagine this should be such a complicated item. I would love to see something like this in the works.
Smart devices need to be versatile enough to not always require a smartphone and schedules and automation can only go so far. The Wyze Button would solve all of that!


I had searched for my idea on the forum, but I only saw this thread after I posted.
Would love to see something like this directly from Wyze.

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Big News!!!
I am happy to report that I bought the Broadlink button (with the hub- https://www.amazon.com/BroadLink-Routines-Automation-Wireless-Included/dp/B08YJ1M3QX/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=broadlink+button&qid=1629847859&sr=8-5) and it works!!!
You have to set up the routine in the Amazon Alexa app, but once it’s set up, you don’t need the app open or your phone on for the routine to work.
Alexa recognizes the button as a motion sensor, so you can’t use the button to toggle a light, rather, one button must be for on, and one must be for off.
I’m happy to see this solution, but this only proves my sentiment that in order to have a smart home, you need to be a smart home enthusiast.
The broad link button requires three separate ecosystems to be integrated together-- Broadlink, Alexa, and Wyze. Once it’s set up though… it’s done.


I just bought a set of Flic 2’s but I am pretty much All-In on Wyze so I would love to see a Wyze smart button.

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I just looked that up. It looks a little expensive but seems to be pretty versatile. How has your experience been so far?

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I haven’t had much experience with them just yet. I got them on sale a few weeks ago. I plan to use them as ways to turn on lights for rooms in my house and one idea I got was from someone that did a talk at a previous employer. She ran late a lot and would have a Flic in her car that she could use to automatically send a text to her husband that she is running late. Might not be a use for everyone but I thought it was funny and clever.

We used it in our office at that same employer for the front desk, when there was a visitor walking around the button was pushed and it automatically sent a message to teams to let everyone know.

We used powerapps and i think they were called Flows in the MS ecosystem there which were able to be triggered by the flic.

With Flic2 there are 3 ways to click, single, double and long, I believe. I haven’t figured out how to use them in creative ways yet.

They are coming out with a flic3 soon, i think.

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I come from the Z-Wave, ZigBee automation world… worked on Z-Wave device #2, so a while now… Z-Wave has a “Button” trigger… Push it and then you tell the system what to do with that trigger… I love the Google integration for all the Wyze devices, but I don’t always want to TALK OUT LOUD…

I’m thinking we could repurpose the new Desk Lamp On/Off button. I think it must be Bluetooth? But, even that connected to my phone would give me the Wyze Trigger that I’m looking for in the short term. My phone is usually nearby, so BT wouldn’t be too bad. And, the Google/Nest hubs allow for BT integration directly…

I just need a button on the night stand to turn stuff On/Off at night, in the morning, etc…

Thoughts?? - GG


That’s not correct, they have a small hub and don’t require a phone. Flic buttons are a game changer.

I have Flic buttons everywhere and I love them. If there won’t be Wyze integration soon I’ll be dropping Wyze and sticking with Flic because they are fantastic. They will be releasing a Twist button soon, that will make an awesome dimmer.

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I would buy so many of these for my house!!!

I don’t like having to use my phone for everything. Sure, it’s great to turn all of the lights in the house on or off or set the mood from my phone, but I’d rather have little physical buttons all over the house so I don’t need my phone always

Some cool features would be:

  • have these toggle buttons activate rules so you can customize the actions
  • allow us to choose what type of toggle (in the software) – for example: 1-toggle mode activates a command/rule when you press the physical button; 2-toggle mode is like an on/off (or command 1, command 2), press once for the first command, press again for the 2nd command; 3-toggle mode, 4-toggle mode, “press-and-hold” mode that would be useful for dimming, etc…

I really don’t like that I have to grab my phone to turn the lights off before i go to bed.

Release the Button!

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I didn’t realize until today how much I need this item. I don’t mind using my phone and Alexa but if I could just program a button to do what I want would be amazing. If they come out with this I am going to end up buying so many!