Wyze Smart Button

I like the Smart Button idea, and I would expand it to possibly be a keypad that can be mounted on the wall (like next to the light switch). The buttons would tie to rules that your program on the app. That way, button 1 could be like “Go to bed routine” which turns off the lights in the house. Button 2 could be something like “set house in away mode” so when I leave, I press a button and all my sensors are on high alert. Button 3 could be “run the vacuum in the kitchen” . Etc…


Flic has a beautiful device but they must have a 300% markup. I suspect that using the same tech. as the wyze sensor with a nearby bridge is virtually the same thing at a cost of 20 bucks. Wyze. you are so close to a solution for this idea it should be a no brainer.

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I have been waiting on this for over a year because I have Wyze for everything else and agree with everyone before me that this tech seems relatively simple in comparison with all the other items Wyze has already built.
Assuming that pricing stays consistent with other Wyze products then I will buy like 10 the moment we are able to pre-order. Can anyone from Wyze confirm where we are in the process of this product and whether this is an envitably that this will be created and is just backlogged behind other products or whether this is just a possibility and aren’t sure if there is a market for it?


I’m currently using a Flic button connected to IFTTT to control my Wyze bulbs in my room but I think something integrated specifically for Wyze would work much better.
Currently, my phone needs to be near the Flic to activate it since it needs a Bluetooth connection.
My idea for the Wyze Button would be that it could use the same frequency and hub for the Wyze Outdoor cam (wireless) to access the internet so a phone is not needed to use the button.
This button could be placed in the house to activate lights, outlets, or scenes in a room, or whole house!
This Wyze button would make my home automation so much better, especially for those who don’t want to shout at Google or use a phone to turn the lights on.
Ideally this new button would be battery based, and easily placed anywhere!

It would be great for wyze to produce a smart button. One push, it starts/ends an automation, two pushes starts/ends another automation, three clicks starts/enf a different automation.

Thought behind it: turn cams on and off, unlock/lock the lock, start vacuum or spot clean. (If they just a siren, could be used as a panic button of sort without triggering the cops). The options are limitless and placed in the right locations could be easier than using Google or alexal

I noticed that people are repurposing their Sense V1 so I decided to actually make the this bracket that has been in my head for some time now. Feedback is welcome.


Lutron caseta button is great. I use it to turn on all lights chosen at night with a remote on nightstand. Also the lamp module works with a button. A little pricey but buttons are the real deal for many situtions. Still want them smart too, but need both for many things.

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Broadlink now offers a 4-device smart button, but aside from Broadlink devices, it only offers control via Alexa routines.

It is $25 with the required hub, $22 for the button alone.