Wyze Smart Button

Well good thing you pointed that out, I thought I already had…done


Fixed! I voted now.

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For me, the deal-breaker for Flic is that it is not standalone and still requires a bluetooth connection to your device. That means unless my phone is nearby, no lights!

Most Smart Home tech requires a connection of one sort or another to work, Wyze requires WiFi or the the Sense signaling to work. Hue requires a Zigbee hub either theirs or Amazons, and on and on it goes. Bluetooth however is more problematic I agree. It also has less range etc.

Never used a Flic so I really can’t comment on the device itself.

Why isn’t this done yet? It seems obvious, a button on the wall to turn the lights in the room on/off that are wyze bulb equipped. The uses are endless for buttons. Think of it as the Amazon re-order buttons.

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Would like to see a standalone Switch/button that could be used to toggle different things. This could be used to turn off/on lights, cameras, bulbs, or unlock the front door. Could use the platform already in use by the other sensors. Would be nice also to see it recognize dbl presses or long presses to say dim lights or toggle recording, etc. I seen a topic for an in wall switch but this again would be standalone and battery powered.

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Yeah! This is awesome. Nudges me so much closer to getting a 3DP. Thanks!

Well I am all for everyone getting one. I am also in the process of setting up a shop to sell a few of these

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Lutron caseta line remote with the table stand functions as very useful button. Have one on nightstand, program to turn on multiple lights in and outside house when hear something that sounds suspicious at night and need to check out.

I need this. Please make it happen!

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I see some requests for lightswitches, but honestly, why not just a button? maybe a set of 3 single buttons, and one double button.

Allow the buttons to store any command that already exists in the wyze app or home integration. Allow customer base to choose what they want to use the buttons for, with clear, easy to set up functions through the app (much like how the wyze lock directions were so concise).

customers could use the buttons as light switches, smart plug switches, maybe even an auto lock button for the front door lock (maybe they are turning in for the night and prefer to not go back downstairs). Maybe even a routine set like a “Hey google, goodnight” set up that turns certain bulbs to a specific brightness/ color, turns on a smart plug for the heater, and reports back any “open” sensors.

This could also be the doorbell button that can be easily added in as a notification button that’s attached to an outdoor wyze cam, there, by default, giving you a second product to sell when paired with an already existing device (You do have your outdoor cam already, right?).

This idea knocks 3 requests off your wishlist/ roadmap, and is maybe the easiest thing you’d have made, to date.

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Hi there! I’m Kim, product manager at Wyze. We are looking into the Wyze Button! If you have any ideas and wishes on the button, shoot it on this thread! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Do a bit of research on the things people were doing with the Amazon Dash Button before the project was ended by Amazon. Its just a very simple wifi button that you can connect to services like IFTTT or directly to devices like Wyze bulb. It could even do things like take a snapshot from a Wyze cam or pause panning at the push of a button.

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Does seem like it would need much. The few people that have used this seem to say it works.

I think what I have made needs a lot of work. But it should just be as simple are a wyze sense with a button on it instead of a magnetic reed switch or even an accessory like I have made. However custom notifications and labeling would be needed.

One nice part about making a series of accessory attachments would be that the sensor could be repurposed if it isn’t needed in that configuration any more. Like a temporary button because people are waiting on the doorbell. Or a button for a sick kid or elderly relative to press if they need help. Once they recover or they don’t need it any more the sensor could then be slid into another bracket to do something else. It seems like wyze sense is a pretty solid foundation.

I have more ideas if you really want to go over them in more detail but I honestly was planning on developing them myself if you guys don’t.


I would love a button that could act like a toggle. Press it once and it turns several cameras on (leaving home) touch it again it turns those same cameras off.

It would be nice if the button could work with Rules so that the button could cause a rule to fire.


Heck YA! Would love to see something simple that handle multiple features. For Example One Push and Release performs one function, another Push but long hold does another function.

Turn Single or Group lights on/off
Control Wyze Lock
Turn Camera Groups Off

Any plans for a wireless button connected to the Wyze hub to trigger scenes to certain devices? Example: wireless button to turn off or on plug sockets or Wyze bulbs without a Voice Assistant or Phone? Easier way than waking up my wife or daughter to the sound of Google home or a light from my phone screen.


We are exploring this idea!

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I think this would be a great device. It would be nice to have it programmed where I hit the button and all the cameras turn on or off depending on the time of day, or turn on notifications or turn off notifications depending on the time of day I hit the button.

I’ve seen other requests for switch control, such as a replacement for a 120v switch, etc. I’d personally like to see Wyze Switch, which could be a simple on/off sensor control that would allow for automations/routines to be built to control your existing lightbulbs, outlets, etc. It could be as simple as your contact sensor, but in this case it is just a push button toggle. This would make is so much easier to turn lights on and off/etc, without having to dig out a device, open the app, and find the toggle.

As an added bonus, creating a sensor that could contain multiple switches would be even better. Think of it as a bank of light switches allowing it to control more than one lightbulb, device group, etc.