Wyze Skill in the UK


Does anyone know how I can enable the Wyze skill for Alexa in the UK. The skill store here doesn’t have it and the American site won’t let me enable it. It just sends me back to the UK site.

I know the cameras aren’t officially sold here but there are quite a few in use by people like me who’ve brought them back so maybe there is someone out there who has figured out how to do it.



I don’t think Wyze has plans to enable Alexa skill overseas in the near term. You can find more info on why by searching here on the forum.

You may want to try using a VPN based on a US server. Not sure if that would work or not.


Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already tried that. The US site still referred me back to the UK one. It had checked and said that my Amazon account was registered in the UK so that’s where I had to get the skill from. Unfortunately, the Wyze skill is not listed on the UK site!


The only solution I see then is to use the VPN to create a US-registered Amazon account. I don’t know though, if using that might mess up other Amazon services you rely on.