Wyze shortcuts on iOS widget screen

so much this. It’s been over a year since this feature was requested. Let’s do this Wyze!!

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Please bless.

I just bought a 4-pack of Wyze bulbs, after using regular LEDs with smart switches (controlled with SmartLife), and the ONLY thing that’s missing with the Wyze bulbs/app is the ability to control them via Siri, and an iOS widget to conveniently control them…

I think it would be a WYZE (sorry, I had to🤣) decision for them to add this support to the iOS app, especially considering that most other smart home apps—like SmartLife—have implemented these things, making it just that much more convenient to control our smart devices.

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It’d be really convenient if I was able to turn on/off notifications via home screen quick actions instead of having to open the app and wait on it to load to toggle the bell on the top of the screen.

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I’d like to have a widget option that creates a widget for different device types ( outlets, bulbs, locks etc) so that I can quickly access without having to launch the app first.
Thank you kindly

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Widget to immediately access created shortcuts is a crucial feature that ALL smart home companies have. Why are you still lacking this in 2020, Wyze? Had I known this was missing, I NEVER would have moved to Wyze. Instead we have to tap on the app, wait for the welcome screen to pass, then wait for the shortcuts to load up, and then finally tap on the shortcut. Why not skip all your Wyze-guy nonesense have an immediately accessible widget? Please do not ignore your faithful customers.


I have an IPhone and feel having the ability to add a Wyze widget to my widget screen would make life a lot easier. I could scroll to my widgets screen to see the current camera scan and be able to use/see my Wyze Lock (locking and unlocking from the widget screen would save A LOT of time!)



Widgets Please!!!