Wyze shortcuts on iOS widget screen

Since I use the iOS widget screen to turn most of my home automation and security system on/off, I’d love to be able to do this with Wyze as well. Would be great if the Wyze shortcuts could be displayed on the widget screen.

[Moderator Note] Although similar to Siri Shortcuts, this request does not involve the Siri Shortcuts app and likely easier to implement. Therefore it is listed as a separate topic here in #roadmap.

Can you please make shortcuts be iOS widgets (IFTTT has that…)? Also, connect WyzeCam actions with the new iOS Shortcuts app?

It would be a great feature, it can save a few seconds for an action that is likely to happen very frequently.
If you could add a thumbnail preview, it would be even better.
If you could add live stream (not sure if it is even possible in a widget) it would be totally awesome.

I would like the ability to see my cameras when you scroll all the way to the left on a iPhone you have widgets. I think users would enjoy not having to go to the app to view their cameras. I’m also for limitations that we can set on Wyze cam pan to stop it from looking at light against a wall at night.

I would like to see both shortcuts and events in iOS widgets.

WOULD LOVE THIS - controlling lights via widget is so much more convenient