Wyze sensor unreliability

*I need to express my dissatifaction with the reliability of the Wyze sensors. generally speaking i am extremely pleased with the Wyze platform. My cameras and motion detectors have all been extremely reliable and up 24/7… not so the contact sensors. I have had a total of 8 contact sensors of which 6 have failed … some twice.
They simply disconnect and cannot be reconnected. i am a computer tech with 40 years in the business … so the failures not on my part. When a contact sensor goes bad i have to call support and go through all the steps I’ve already done 3 or four times, of course to no avail … the sensor has simply gone bad. Batteries are well within operating range or replaced with new.
Wyze … you’ve shown you can make excellent products … how about redesigning the contact sensor with an eye towards reliability ?
Thank you

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There is a new version in the works with more reliability.

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Glad to hear it. The sensors are an important part of my system!

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Same here, triggers my porch lights when the doors are opened after certain hours.

I share the same dissatisfaction. I have two motion sensors and one contact sensor. For months they’d all randomly go offline. Rebooting the primary Wyze Cam was the only way to get them back online. Then maybe a month ago, they all went offline and would not come back online. Contacted Support, they eventually deduced that it was a faulty Bridge, so they sent me a replacement. Since it’s a new Bridge I had to delete and reconnect to all sensors. Tried doing that with no luck. Tried it with the Bridge in two different cameras and still no luck. After going back and forth with Support their latest solution is that they’d like to send me replacement sensors but they can’t because mine are outside of the warranty period… First of all, I acknowledge their careful wording and not outright stating that the sensors are faulty, instead going straight to replacement sensor eligibility. And second, one of those sensors was purchased this past August so it’s well within the 1 year limited warranty period.

I’ve spent a fair amount of money on a variety of Wyze products. I’ve overall been very happy with them but this issue with the sensors is really frustrating. Like you said, they’ve shown they can make excellent products but these sensors are frustrating.

Over a year ago I jumped into the Wyze arena with 3 cams, 4 contact sensors, 3 motion sensors, 6 plugs and 5 bulbs. The devices that plug in (cams, bulbs, plugs) all work just fine. But the battery-operated sensors frequently either go offline or simply stop working altogether! Last week all 7 sensors went offline. A couple came back online, but still did not work. I had to delete and reconfigure all of them. What a huge waste of time! They are still not working. I used to love Wyze for being the little company with sensibly priced tech. But even low-cost tech should be reliable. Looking elsewhere until they get their act together. Growing too fast!!