WYZE Sensor Question - Outdoor Use

Ah sorry Gemniii,

I misread saran. Apologies.


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Any update how it is working with Saran wrap

I just did a quick in-house test to see if the sensor worked through saran wrap - actually a no-name plastic film like saran wrap. I don’t know if it affected distance but I do know it didn’t totally block the signal.

I bought some small polycarbonate boxes from China via eBay. They’re slightly larger then the sensors and the magnet seems to activate the sensor just fine. The boxes are waterproof (they actually put some crazy ip rating on them) with screw down covers and a gasket. They’re listed as wire junction boxes, wire splice boxes, waterproof plastic boxes, etc.).

Command strips work good for temp placements.

Actually, one side of the sensor is simply a sealed magnet it would be completely weather resistant the second part as a single tiny reset hole which can be mounted face down and/or simply put a small strip of tape over it. And, a sensor only costs about $6, so if it fails at some point during the first year, just replace it…

I jst put one of the PIR sensors outside…its under a small protected area so I think it will be ok. but I will update if I have issues.

I’m pretty stoked. I solved my false notifications (bugs and sunlight) with the Shortcuts feature. I was getting about 30 a night from the cameras due to bugs and another 50 a day because of the sun creating false alerts for the sense motion sensors.

  • During the day (sun hits the motion sensors and creates constant notifications), I have a shortcut to turn off the motion sensors. Another shortcut to turn on the Camera Motion Notifications. All set just before sunrise.

  • Then at night, I have a shortcut to turn off the Camera Motion Notifications, and another shortcut to turn on the motion sensors. Just after sunset.

Good tip.

I do wish that in addition to shortcuts being able to toggle the notifications on/off that you could use them to toggle the video recordings setting associated with motion sensors.

I ended up doing something similar to you, but because the sensor motion recordings can’t be toggled via a shortcut, I ended up with dozens of recordings in the Event timeline as the sunlight passes over the porch. I don’t get those as notifications, but they do still get recorded. I’m hoping that the hundreds of recordings will eventually encourage wyze to add a feature to toggle the Sensor Video setting as well.

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Great point and totally agree!

I’m using the contact sensors on my outdoor gates. To waterproof them, I used my vacuum sealer. Then, I wrapped the excess plastic with a little bit of tape- being careful to not obstruct the sensor side. To secure them to the gate, I used to picture wire and screws. Images link below:

Wyze Gate sensor


I like the idea of using a vacuum sealer as it keeps the unit dry and dust free and yet allows for easy battery change in the future

I coated the contact sensors that I use on my fence gates with some clear Flexseal.

I got some of the birdhouse style covers. My outdoor cams are mounted on the house, below the soffit. I have very deep soffits on my roof, 14". I have been watching carefully for exposure but as I suspected, there is little chance of them getting wet under there. It took me some time to get it done. I needed to get some assistance in drilling the holes through the wall for the cables. But that’s all done now, and I no longer have a glare problem, for the most part. I do have a neighbor whose driveway is almost directly by our house. When she goes out with headlights on it does set off the detection zone. But it really isn’t glare. I have been getting some clips of birds and insects diving really close to the cams, and I have a few clips of the deer when they come in the back yard for dinner. And I now know why my back security lights turn on so often. There’s a lot more traffic on that one lane road behind our house than I even thought there was.

just made these.