Wyze Sensor on gun safe

I installed a sensor in my gun safe so I will know if it gets opened. Allows a little more peace of mind.


Great use of a sensor! Welcome to the forum!

Great usage especially if there are children in the home.

How is it working for you? Do you have it on the external part of the safe or inside?

Sorry. This request was overlooked. The sensor is inside the safe which is for a single, or two, pistol(s)

I did a similar thing! I have my full size gun safe in a closet behind a sliding door. I put the Wyze cam on top of the safe (yay for magnets!), and set up notifications so that anytime the closet door opens, I get sent the video before they even have time to notice the camera or try to open the safe. I’ll have a nice screenshot of the person’s face.

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Can I use the motion sensor for the gun safe. I want to put it on the back door of the safe. Would that work I just want notification if someone opens the safe. Unless you have a better solution thanks michael

The problem you may have with this approach is the signal not getting out of the gun safe to the hub.

I tested it yesterday when my safe is open motion goes off thanks for getting back to me

Good to know.

I have troubles with the contact sensor not reliably connecting to my hub, and it is on the outside of the safe. I may try a motion sensor inside if I can find a good way of mounting it.

It’s a Great Idea, But remember WiFi doesn’t like going thru Solid Objects Very well, especially steel, So don’t bet the family jewels on them until you’ve tested it well!

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Hi there I did test it when someone opens the safe the motion sensor does alert me on my phone

Given the nature of what is often kept in a safe, I would test, and test again. Then test again on a regular basis.