Wyze Sense - what frequency do they use?

What frequency do the Wyze Sense devices use to talk to the Bridge?

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It looks to be …
They operate on 915 MHz. This band is used in the Amateur Radio Service and the Location and Monitoring Service (LMS) and it is part of (and could be referring to the entire range of) the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) bands of 902–928 MHz. Also it is a microwave frequency, meaning it can cause dielectric heating of organic matter, if the power is strong enough.

From Hubitat Elevation forum.

So why does this page say frequency is 907.8-908.2?

Can someone from Wyze please confirm the actual frequency? FCC website says 907.8-908.2 something else and wyze app details says 915MHz!!
Its quite important as it is illegal to use devices transmitting on some frequencies in some countries.