Wyze Sense Should Support Multiple Hubs For Better Range and Coverage

I have a Wyze Sense v2 system and hub but I have a few sensors at extreme ranges like a garage and mailbox.

I’d like to be able to have multiple Wyze Sense Hubs as part of a single home security system.

According to the reddit AMA this is apparently possible:

Each hub can support up to 100 sensors. We are working on a system builder to help guide people. The range between the hub and sensors is about 500 ft / 152 m. If your detached garage is within that range, you should be good. Otherwise you would need another hub.

However I don’t see a way to purchase an extra hub.

From my android app’s home screen if I click “+” then “add device” then “Sensors” there is a “Wyze Sense Hub” option.

Is it really possible to add a second hub to my Wyze Sense home security system? Has anyone done this? How can I order a second Hub device?

Edit: I called support today and they said it is not possible, so I’m more confused now with the conflicting information from the reddit AMA