Wyze Sense sensors will not connect to bridge

I don’t believe it’s the sensors, could be mistaken, please give it a go!

Thanks, but that’s not the issue.

I had the same issue, I couldn’t connect my sensors for the life of me. I moved my bridge to a new camera and it worked. Try it…

The problem is that they have is the lack of communication, follow up and the fact they are no able to fix such issue with a new fw update, I read there is a Fw for the bridge 0.34 and there is no way to get it through their app, I’m still waiting they send me the replacements is that doesn’t arrive I will give up on then and move to other options

After three dead Bridges attempting to replace the original, I gave up. Now I hear there’s three four firmware out and no way to get it and even try. That pisses me off even more!

Not for me. I have seven other v2s that I have tried these dead bridges in.

In my case the bridge is fine. The contact sensors are bad.

Gotchya, I thought my sensors were bad too. Have you attempted to move the bridge?

Hi - I bought the bridge which comes with the sensors and even purchased extra sensors for all the doors in my house. It did NOT work and I sent several emails to Wyze and never heard from anyone. I decided to go to Home Depot and purchase it there for $68. Worked like a charm! As soon as I plugged it in the back of the Wyze 2 (not the Cam), it started blinking, etc. Guessing the one I ordered from Wyze is faulty. How can I contact them to return the one that does not work. Like I said, I’ve emailed several times and have not heard a word. Thanks - Good luck!

Just another tidbit of follow-up on mine to reinforce that the problem is the bridge, and not the sensors.

I bought some more sensors from MicroCenter (where I got the originals along with the starter kit which didn’t work, and which they sent me a replacement bridge for, which made it all work), and they connect just fine.

Hi - Yes, I agree. The problem is with the bridge. Thanks for the info!

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Same issue. Bridge goes into connection mode, but doesn’t accept sensors. I’m getting the garbage feeling here and may just move on. They are losing their edge they had at the beginning and other platforms are working to catch up and have customer service who will help.

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-Christopher M Ingalls

Please change the battery on the sensor. I had 5 sensors that would not connect and now after changing the battery they all work fine.

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