Wyze Sense sensors will not connect to bridge

Just FYI, I bought another Wyze Sense Starter Kit from my local Micro Center, and this one does the same thing.

[NOTE: This time, I did NOT update the firmware at first. So, this failure to connect is without updating the firmware of the bridge from .30 to .33. After contacting Wyze Support, I updated the firmware, and got the same results]

Bridge connects just fine, but none of the sensors will connect/pair.

So, Wyze is sending me a replacement kit.

I will report back once I have that tested.


Thank you! @StopICU33, i called them up and received the replacement, this time I did not upgrade the FW as everything is already up to date, now all the motion sensors and contact sensors connect and work!


Glad to hear you’re back in business. :+1:

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There is any solution about it I just got a pack of 8 senadores and I have the same issue

I continue to have this issue over and over. One contact sensor won’t connect at all any more and now I have one contact and two motion sensors that are offline more than they are on line. I usually unplug the bridge then plug it back in and they will work again for a few days.

I recently purchased 8 contact sensors 4 motion sensors 2 bridges and nothing connect

Reseat batteries in all 8 sense = didn’t connect
Reseat batteries in all 4 motion sensors = didn’t connect
Update firmware’s in 2 bridges = didn’t connect
Test 2 different cameras = didn’t connect
Deleted both cams from the wyze app and re-add them =didn’t connect
Reinstalled the wyze app in my phone = still nothing connect

I think I did all possible ts possible and still nothing connect

I event try with a new battery for one of the sense contact and one for the monitor sensor and nothing

Another thing disappoint me from wyze us that 2 contact sensor came with 0 battery so I had to buy batteries still have no ticket due their support team schedule,

If anyone has any idea I will be more than happy to try

Exactly why I finally gave up. The online support personnel were fantastic, but the only option was to keep sending me bridges until something worked. QC out of China must be non-existent for this product. V2 cams are awesome, sense, not so much.

Support tickets are not effective, try calling them up, it worked for me.

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You did everything you could do and did it right.

When you try to add a sensor, I assume the bridge light was solid blue and most importantly, the camera with the bridge will say “Ready to connect”. If it doesn’t say this nothing will connect.

I would try this:

Reboot your router and connect the camera again (without the bridge), when connected and camera light is solid blue, then plug in the bridge and try again.


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Tried without success

Sorry to hear that.


to me the Wyze support was awful, even passing all Ts done, they keep asking me for things already explained on my initial description when I ask for a refund because of the time wasted on their bad product they start circling avoiding my request and at the was supposed to send all items from my initial order and that was 5 days ago and I haven’t got any update via email or nothing from them I will no do any purchase from them after this horrible experience so keep an eye with this situation you might end on the same spot than me

Sorry to about your bad experiences.

My 8 Motion Sensors and 7 Contact sensors are all working OK.
About once every 2-3 weeks, my sensors all will go offline.
Then I reboot the camera plug in the bridge and all is ok again.

What worked for me is to keep a single V2 camera dedicated to the bridge only.
I’m using a 3amp Power supply with this camera.

I plug the bridge into a 7 inch usb cable and plug that cable into the back of the camera.
(I suspect heat build up is too much when the bridge is plugged directly into the camera)

I am however on my 3rd bridge and had troubles like others in this forum.
My current bridge works ok.



I fixed it by moving the bridge to another camera! Thanks for the response! It didn’t work with my regular wyze cam but I realized that my pan cam had the ability to put the bridge in. Worked like a charm!

OK Great.

That’s interesting since most posts in this forum say the opposite. Not to use a Pan Cam.

Hope it continues to work for you.


The replacement Sense Bridge showed up today.
I installed it, and the sensors now connect. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update !!

Did you update the replacement bridge firmware before installing the senors ?

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No. It was already up to the latest (.34) when it arrived in the mail.

I think the latest firmware version I recall the previous one updating to was .33.

So, I’m not sure if .34 is out there already, or just on the units from Wyze, directly


I have 5 sensors that went bad and was told by Wyze support that even though they are defective they are out of warranty and won’t be replaced. Seems to be a pretty crappy way of dealing with a problem that they are aware of.

From support Chat: "We are aware that some batch of the contact sensors are having this type of issue. But rest assured that it has been corrected already and the new contact sensors will not do the same thing once replaced."

I am considering chucking all of my Wyze gear and moving to another platform. Very frustrating!

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Move your bridge to a new camera in the back. Worked for me.