Wyze Sense range extender a must

Keeping all sense items within a 15’ radius from camera is not realistic. To make this a home security system it really needs be able to go further. A stand alone extender would be a great idea, so (for example) my nursery bedroom window sense will reach camera about 30’ away watching front door.
Thank you


Hi @Duyhreuos,

You should be getting much more range than 15’ from your sense devices. For example, I have a motion sensor in my mailbox about 100’ from the bridge through the front wall/window of my house and it has good signal.

I’d suggest submitting a Support Request to get help with the range issue.

That said, a 2nd camera/bridge combo would already serve as a range extender. Wyze does not currently sell the bridge separately, but you can vote for that here: Sell Wyze Sense bridge separately.


I sent a support request prior to posting and that’s where I got the ~15’ range. They suggested posting on here to request the extended idea.

@Loki is your mailbox metal? I tried putting the sensor inside then outside the mailbox, but every time the sensor makes contact with the metal the signal shuts down.
The red light on the front of the sensor still blinks like it is operating properly, but the open/closed signal doesn’t register on my app.
If i hold it a little away from the metal, it works, so I know the range is not a problem.
Any suggestions on how to make it work? I was really looking forward to having this on my mailbox and I am really bummed out now.

I think it’s OK for me to answer for Loki Because I happen to know his mailbox is wood

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If you really, really Want a sensor in your mailbox you could buy a plastic mailbox , Medium or large
I have 3 siblings that were Mail Carriers And I can tell you They love people with large mailboxes It saves them Trips to the door with smaller packages

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@JennLynnC Nope, sorry, it’s 1/2’ plywood. I don’t think metal is going to work. As @HDRock points out, there are a variety of plastic mailboxes available that look very much like the metal ones.

FYI, here’s a link to my mailbox setup: Mailbox monitor

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thanks y’all!

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