Wyze Sense Questions

Some have reported getting them already!
Mine are due Monday.

My 2 sets of Sense have arrived. Showed shipped on Friday, arrived to Missouri on Saturday morning. Pretty impressed so far. Great job Wyze. Just wishing for MQTT implementation, also. But, for $20 bucks, who can complain?

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Have you been on this forum before?
For $20 people complain ALOT!!


Lol, that’s true!

Would love to be able to setup wyze sense motion detection to have an alert when there is no movement for a certain amount of time. For monitoring elderly parents. If no movement in the hall for 12 hours I would be alerted. Great products. Got mine today.

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I received my Wyze Sense kit today and have installed both door sensors a the Motion sensor. Had all three setup in minutes. Very pleased .

  1. When can we purchase more sensors ?
  2. I would like to have the ability to order specific quantity of each sensor and bridges. Possibly bulk purchase of 3 or 5 sensors in a pack.
  3. When will the sensors be usable in Alexa ?

Is there supposed to be adhesive on the back of the motion sensor? If so, mine is missing.

I noticed on mine that the paper backing for the adhesive was starting to peal off. Not sure I will use that or go with the 3M Command type stick-ons. Once I decide on it’s final installation point, I guess that will make my decision for me.

I’m thinking of using velcro dots that are on double stick tape themselves. I’ve got some “night light” or “closet light” type fixtures that use 2 AA batteries. They rundown and require replacement every several months. The velcro makes it simple to move them around.

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Is there a way to delete the history of Sense Open/Close? I have being doing a lot of testing, and would like to reset it to start a clean history.

Hello @Tronzie, no there isn’t an option to do this like you can with the cameras.

So far I have not been able to get any of my wyze sense devices to connect. I also have one of the sensors that flashes 5 times fast when I reset it. I have tried removing the batteries from all of them but I can never get them to connect to the bridge. Also, There is no adhesive on the back of the motion sensor. I am not sure if that is supposed to be that way or mine is missing it.

Here are the Wyze Sense troubleshooting guides:

If that doesn’t solve it, keep in mind that this is primarily a user-to-user forum. If you don’t get help here from the community, file a support request including log files. That will ensure that the logs are captured. You might want to submit the ticket right away because there’s somewhat of a backlog. You can always let them know it’s already resolved when they contact you.

I had issues with the 5 flashes and not pairing to the hub. I had to move the sensor close to the camera and complete the pairing process. Once paired, I could install the sensor in the original location and all seem well.


My motion sensor doesn’t blink lights while pressing the reset button on. And I am not able pair. Anyone else facing the same issue?

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I use Command adhesive strips with mine so they can be easily removed, if necessary, and don’t leave an adhesive residue behind. I’ve also used them to mount the Wyze Cam metal circles for mounting the cameras.

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The cameras have a 5 min cool down period after they are triggered before they send you a notification, or can record a 12 sec clip again. With the sensors you get a notification and recording every time it is triggered even if its within less than 5 minutes.

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Might be dead on arrival (defective). Mine was. First check the battery inside–might be dead. If it doesn’t work with a fresh 3V battery, contact WYZE support and (after they get back to you in a week) they will send you a warranty replacement.

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I like the command adhesive idea…!:star_struck: