Wyze sense keeps going offline

No sir. These sensors worked out of the box for months and then all of a sudden started acting up.

I’m having this issue right now. I have 2 sensors and one motion sensor and 2 Wyze bulbs. They work sometimes and sometimes they don’t. Have tried everything and cannot get them to connect this time. Ugh

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I’m also having this issue. I have the pan cam with the bridge which works fine but 7 Wyze sense sensors, 1 motion and 4 bulbs always disconnect/go off line within 24 hours of setup. I’ve tried moving the camera closer, it doesn’t help. I’m using the original power cable that came with the camera.

I’ve done the usual, delete and reinstall devices about a half dozen times.

At this moment, I can’t use the anything but the camera. Please help.


I’m having the same problems I have 5 cams three of them are pans and 2 are normal Wyze cams I have two bridges one is in a pan cam and one in a normal cam. First I received a bad bridge and had to ask for a new one that took well over a week.

I sent a trouble request to wyze and they told me to download an app called “route this helps” I had to go to the bride camera locations and let it run a scan. I guess they want to see what kind of WiFi signal strength I was receiving at the bridge. The wyze tech said my signal strength was low but why would that cause my sensors to go offline and it’s not like every sensor is going offline per bridge. Also it’s not just the furthest sensors that go offline at times it’s a sensor that’s only 5 feet away. I have over $300 worth of wyze gear In my house and half of it is just about useless.

This just sounds like the typical tech bull crap blame another device for your products failure. Explain why low WiFi signal to the camera with the bridge would have anything to do with half of the sensors on that bridge going offline. If the sensor communicates with the bridge and the bridge to the camera and the camera to my phone and I can see the camera just fine when the sensor goes offline it sounds like a bridge sensor issue.

Now I look dumb because my wife wanted to get ADT and I talked her out of it because I said I can make an alarm type system with wyze, IFTTT, and smart things and when it works It works good but that’s only right after resetting the two camera with the bridges. I use these to make sure my two kids don’t open second floor windows but half of the window sensors go offline a few times a day.
Wyze you need to find a fix for this your stealing peoples money and not providing what you promised.


Dude, I have to do a daily restart on camera for bridge to work. Everyday.

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I just bought my Wyze Cam v2 with sensor last week (Aug 2019). All three sensors (2 doors and 1 motion) go offline daily. Have to use the App to “Restart” the Camera with bridge. All 3 went offline at the same time. They are at 5 ft, 10 ft and 25 ft away individually. Read through many discussions here but did not hear from Wyze. What is the solution?

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I’m not aware of there being a solution. I’ve done everything I can think of. And tech support has been about a waste. It took them 72 hours to respond to my first inquiry and it was a copy and paste message saying to try unplugging it, remove the battery, reconnect the sensor. Blah blah blah even though my first email to them I said I already did everything that there trouble shooting help page told me they sent that generic Response. It has taken 24 hrs for every email and they don’t seem to Work on weekends so if you email them on Friday Tony expect anything till end of day Monday or later.

I purchased a second bridge to put closer sensors onto the the respective bridge (my new bridge was a failure meaning it didn’t work and wouldn’t allow sensors to connect)
I’ve moved cameras, sensors to different locations
I have one bridge in a wyze cam and one in a pan cam I’ve heard that it could be a voltage thing and the pan cam can have issues but both cams drop about half of It’s sensors every few hours.
Tech support is blaming my WiFi connection but I’m not having video issues and it’s only half of the sensors that drop and the ones that drop are some of the closest sensors to the bridge.
I’ve power cycled the sensors too with no change. One thing I would have to test is when I installed the sensors some
Flashed the red light 5 times and some flashed 3 times I never took notice to if there was a correlation to the flashing in reference to the ones that end up disconnecting.
I’m at the point now I’m going to argue for a refund and find every possible review sight and make it know that these are a waste of money and time.

Thank you for your help. For my three sensors, they will get back online if I restart the camera with the bridge from the App. It is annoying, but at least I do have to physically remove the power. I hope Wyze will come up with a fix. Thanks again.

I’m having the same problem!! Wyze help us!!

My sensors are very unpredictable and unreliable. It’s impossible to set up any kind of routine with them seeing as how they go offline or are in the wrong state (on/off) so often. My cameras perform nicely. Anything beyond that is a guessing game. I really like wyze products and you can’t beat the prices. I’m starting to feel that “you get what you pay for”

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I’ve experienced the same issue with 2 of my 4 contacts sensors. My 2 motion sensors and 2 cameras have been very reliable, but I’ve been very disappointed with the contacts sensors.

SOLVED for my situation:
Four bulbs on one bridge, all worked initially then some of them got squirrelly.
Tried to update firmware on Bridge - did not work, stopped at 15%.
Replaced Bridge and updated firmware on it.
Had to delete and add contacts and sensor associated with the old Bridge.
This worked.

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Using the intercom seems to knock my bridge out of connection. Especially when I whistle loudly into it. I believe it has to do with a power drain to push the volume or the electromagnetic field generated from the speaker.

Something to consider or try for potentially better sensor connectivity is to attach a small wire to the sensor antenna. Great info in this thread below.

Welcome to the community, @billotte. The Wyze bulbs don’t require a Wyze Sense bridge to work. Do you mean sensors?


Thanks for the tip! Going to check this out later today.

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Does anyone have their cameras linked AND use a bridge? I’ve purchased 6 cameras, 6 sensors, and a motion. The first 2 cameras where set up last week and I set up the 3rd last night. I did so by first connecting it to a wall outlet, then added the bridge, then installed all 6 sensors and the motion and confirmed they were all working.

Then I moved the camera outside (in a waterproof case) and linked it to an existing camera which is run off of the standard 1A wall block and 25’ micro USB from Amazon. The second camera is working fine and I confirmed that the bridge had a solid blue light before I installed it last night. It wasn’t until after it was mounted, and I applied some caulk to ensure that it’s waterproof (which I’ve done with the other 2 cameras) that I realized that the bridge wasn’t online and none of the 7 sensors were online. I’ve tried rebooting the camera and the camera that its piggy-backing from via the app, as well as a hard power cycle at the power outlet. Nothing seems to bring the bridge back online.

I read through your comments about the power source not being enough and wonder if anyone ever confirmed that. I have some turbo chargers that I use for phones (2A+) that I may try connecting tonight to see if that helps. I hate to have to climb up, disconnect the camera, break the caulk, etc to trouble shoot it so I’m keeping that as a last resort.

I’m also wondering if I could obtain another bridge from Wyze if those sensors could all be linked to it. In the front of the house, I only have a single camera by itself so I’m wondering if I put a bridge in it if I’ll have different results. All of my other cameras I planned to piggy-back.

My system is two Pan Cams, one in the garage, one on the screened-in porch. The porch cam is a straight install - 1A power to the included USB cable. No issues.

The garage cam was a different story. The camera placement point was too far from the wall plug, so I used a long USB cable. I mounted the bridge (using a 3’ USB cable) outside the garage door so it could “see” the mailbox, into which I placed a motion sensor. It worked, and then failed, and I started using all the hacks mentioned in this topic.

My solution was to run an extension cord from the wall plug to “meet” the Wyze-supplied USB cable (and the stock 1A brick). It’s been working flawlessly for two months now.

Side note, I named the bridge “The mail is here!”, and the problem of having to run out to see if the mail has arrived is solved.

Nice setup! I’m hoping I can find a work around without having to pull all of the wires out and start over. I’ve already ran them behind siding/etc.

Worst case I’ll just buy another camera and set it up in the garage to run the bridge and use the OEM cord and charger. I don’t really like the idea of cameras in my house. Outside I don’t mind, but I’m afraid it’ll catch me walking around naked and somehow my kids would get ahold of the video (we’re recording 100% on 128gb micro sd cards, so there’s 2 weeks of HD recording available).