Wyze sense keeps going offline

My door sensor 10 feet away is offline. The back door sensor 25 feet away is online and working perfectly. The motion sensor which is 5 feet closer is offline and pulling out and reinstalling the USB bridge into the cam pan isn’t changing anything I’m unable to explain how to solve this issue.

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do you know if the sensor transmits to the hub its change of state or the hub polls the sensors every few minutes to see if it is still online? do the sensors use RF ?

“Wireless keyboards and mice use RF links at 27Mhz or 2.4Ghz. Cordless phones use 900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, and now 5.8Ghz. Key fobs, garage door openers, and some home automation systems use 315Mhz or 434Mhz.”


When I use the intercom loudly, ( whistling loudly into the phone.) while night vision is active and the IR LEDs are on I noticed that the blue light on the back of the bridge dims out and then goes offline blinking. Trying to reconnect. This is using the factory power supply and a 10’ power cable.

I’m going to get a power supply with 0.5 more amps output and see if there is any improvement. Any power supply is capable of pushing out it’s max rated output. But how much is drawn is dictated by the device.

I believe that with the sense bridge adding to the draw of power it may in fact be under powered at times. The cameras do get warm and I’m most certain that the heat will cause power management components to falter in some conditions.

But adding a psu that is over powered should not over heat the device. After all it should only draw what it needs. If there is any overhead the PSU should be self regulating based on the devices draw.

Although some Android phones will go bonkers if the PSU is under or over powered depending on the way the power input management system is built.

The Wyze Cam V2 comes with a 5v, 1,000ma
( 1 Amp ) power adapter. I will use a 5V 2,500ma ( 2.5 Amp ) adapter and do some stress testing with the intercom. As well as Sensor range testing.

If I break my camera in the process. At most I’ll pay for another camera and sense starter kit and stick with the 5V-1A PSU it comes with.

I’ll post my results after some time of testing.
Should take a week or two to have noteworthy results.

It doesn’t make “sense” though. If the wyze cam V2 USB socket can power another cam V2 in daisy chain. It should be able to handle the little bridge just fine.

Any thoughts on this guy’s?

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It’s been discussed before here about the V2’s and Pan’s exhibiting degraded performance when operating on marginal power. But no one has quantified or tested it.
Look forward to your results.
Ask Wyze for funding :slight_smile:

Yes. Bring us data - and thanks!


I was able to scrounge up a 5V-1,200ma
( 1.2A ) charger. I think I’ll stress the camera with night vision and IR-LEDs activated while whistling through the intercom loudly.

If 1.2A doesn’t fix it. I’ll go out and buy a 1.5A, 2.0A and a 2.5A charger and gradually step up the amps. I think 2.5A is pretty much the highest one can readily find.

I I will also monitor the camera’s temperature.
I know the sense bridge’s USB plug gets very hot. Almost too hot in my opinion. And I have 2 bridges in use and they both get hot.

No dice on the 5V-1.2A

It still knocks out the bridge.

But on the plus side. The bridge recovers a lot faster.

Seem like I might be on to the solution. :thinking:

Have you tried it with the factory supplied 6’ power cable?

I’ve just ordered a Wyze Cam which will be here tomorrow. I’m going to replace the Pan and see whether the bridge works properly. Now it’s not updating any sensor, even the one it sees, with the other two still offline. What’s a real pain is how to get them to pair after setting them up in remote places since the Pan seemed to want to have the sensor in close proximity for pairing. I’ll report what I find.

I have the same issue: door sensors installed fine, but were offline by the following day.

Why am I not surprised that a Wyze solution doesn’t Just Work? This is the opposite of Just Working—it feels like having a tedious second job, trying to use each of these new products as advertised.

I didn’t see how a reed switch, with only two states, could plausibly have crippling firmware bugs, much less be released for public sale with them, but I was naive.

Still need to reset my camera every day, usually more than once a day for the sense door sensor to work. Motion sensor worse. What’s up with this? Signal strength is max for sense. So many complaints of this can’t be a coincidence. Please figure it out and deliver a fix.

I agree. I have stopped using them. This is a bug that needs to be addressed.

I have 15 contact sensors 2 of them would go offline every couple days. One other one would go offline almost daily. After reading a thread about extending range with a 3ft usb extension I decided to try it. The range didn’t seem to improve but none of the sensors have gone offline since Friday when I added the extension. The hub now sits about 2ft away from the camera on a lower shelf.

I just replaced the Pan with the stock Wyze Cam v2 and the sensor seems to work perfectly. It’s only one day but so far all of the sensors are still online and seem to be working well.

It appears that there may be a regulatory circuit in the camera that will only draw at a set maximum. Upping the power supply does no good.

I used a 2 amp charger with a 6 inch cable and screamed I to the mic and it still disconnected the bridge for becoming under powered.

The only reason to use a more powerful charger for a power source would be for using longer cables so the carried current that reaches the camera isn’t diminished.

But the camera seems to only draw the same current. Regardless of what’s plugged into the back standard UBS port.

For the past two days I have had to reset my door sensors after showing they were offline. Any ideas why this is happening?

Just a guess… too far from the bridge.

it has been working since I received the sensors after the pre-release ordering. It just started happening out of the blue.

Just curious, is there any metal or walls between the sensors and the Wyze bridge? I’ve heard that walls that have also been painted with older lead based paints can be a major problem for certain wireless signals.

Yup. It’s going offline as and when it likes. All my automation with the Wyze bulbs can’t work if the sensors aren’t reliable. Wyze, you need to fix this.