Wyze Sense: invert triggers

Seems probably an easy add: I’d love to have the ability within the Wyze app to

  • Trigger a notification when a contact sensor closes (instead of opens)
    • E.g. trigger a video when the dog sitter closes my dog’s crate door to see how he settles in
  • Trigger a notification when a contact sensor has been left closed for X hours
    • E.g., again with the dog crate, get notified if it’s been closed for too long to make sure I get someone to let him out ASAP

Could probably rig something up with IFTTT but it’d be nice to stay within the Wyze app, it’s just a bit flip!


I’ll give this an up vote. Would add some additional flexibility with relatively low complexity.

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Another option is to have your camera that is watching the crate be set to continously record. Then you can go to the “closed” notification time in the playback and watch what how the dog settled in that way.

Good idea @ozydingo, I can also see this being useful for the end position of the garage door. This way when it starts opening and the end position is reached you know it is open (both show open).