Wyze sense hub won't finish setup

Sense hub is hooked up to router, Bluetooth is on, phones on 2.4ghz I’ve deleted app data and made sure permissions were granted it connects says added then times out


Anyone have any insight?

I had the same issue and support did what they could but couldn’t get it working. Then I switched phones, I was originally trying with an android phone then switched to an Iphone. When I did it went through the same process but then asked for location permission and viola it worked. So maybe it’s a location setting or an android issue, not sure but hope this helps. Now after the setup the andriod phone does work properly.

I actually had that same thought, so tried to do set up on my wife’s phone after mine wouldn’t work, still no luck.

Bluetooth is on, location services are on, moved Hub to other areas of the house to try and get better wifi signal (shouldn’t be necessary because signal where it was was best in house), still doesn’t connect.

When it times out/fails to connect I get a “Ensure you’ve powered on your Hub – We couldn’t find any devices nearby” message which is ludicrous since the Hub is plugged in and the lights are active/moving during the pairing process.

I connect to Wyze Cloud just fine, will not get past “Adding Device” portion.

so what ended up being my issue is i beleive my mesh router kit. i had the hub connected upstairs in office on the second router. tried it half a dozen times maybe more and failed each and everytime. i plugged it into the main router in living room connected to the modem and voila. it works great now no issue. i am not sure why as it should not have changed anything.

I just need to connect via Wifi cause my router is in the basement.

This thing is extremely disappointing.

So, I decided to try and hook up the Hub directly to the router because I can’t get it to connect via Wifi.

It worked! Quickly. I was able to connect my keypad and my first sensor without incident. Working to connect second sensor, it won’t connect. Says “move closer to the Hub.”

Move closer to the Hub and get notified that the Hub is offline. Go to the Hub, reset the router just for fun. Now getting a message saying the Hub has no battery even though it’s connected to power like everything else connected to my router is.

What the **** Wyze?