Wyze Sense Early Access

Hello all! My name is Mike and I am the Product Manager for Wyze Sense. I just want to say thank you all so much for supporting Sense by participating in Early Access. We’ve been working on this product for quite a while so it’s amazing to see it “out in the wild” and all of the creative uses you all have already found.

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent their feedback and feature requests over the last few days. With your help we’re identifying bugs that slipped through Beta testing and pushing for new features that will make Wyze Sense better and better.

Some initial features we’re working on include:

  • adding the ability to turn notifications on/off via shortcuts (and therefore by schedule)
  • expanding IFTTT integration
  • improving the grouping experience
  • adding the ability to turn the Bridge LED on/off

Thank you all again so much for being an Early Backer! This is just the start… Please continue to send your feedback, ideas, and creative uses for Wyze Sense. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Sounds Great! IFTTT would be a must have i want to use them in more instances!


We have IFTTT support now so you can already trigger actions when sensors open/close or detect motion/become clear. We are working on the ability to set custom times (e.g. been open for 5 minutes).


Awesome work, so far. Everyone I’ve told about, and/or shown my Wyze products to are overly impressed, and Sense is no exception. Being able to give tune scheduling and alerts via IFTTT makes the Sense system an unbeatable deal.


Great Mike!

I’ve already set up an IFTTT … If the window sensor opens up, call my number. I saved the incoming number as a “favorite” contact on IOS, and allowed calls from favorites to break through DO NOT CALL settings. Hoping that works.

I would also like to have some motion detector “actions” to work with location service triggers “if last family member leaves location, then turn on motion detector notifications.” Is that possible? I do that with camera motion sensing. I know you can’t turn the detector on/off. But I would llike to silence the detector notifications with geo-fencing. FYI Life360 works great for tracking all family members.

My sensors are working great. I do wish that my wifi signal was stronger so that I could put sensors on the detached garage doors. Any suggestions?

Could you please explain more how to do this that you mentioned “If the window sensor opens up, call my number”

Sure! Are you familar with IFTTT? … a free-web-based app which allows you to set up situations “IF THIS happens, THEN THIS happens.”

You need to link WYZE to the IFTTT app so that you can use WYZE events as “triggers” which cause some other “action” to happen.

The great folks at WYZE recently added SENSOR triggers to IFTTT.

Once you’ve signed up for IFTTT, you can design your own APPLETs or choose an applet written by WYZE or other programmers.

It’s easier done than explained.

I constructed my own IFTTT applet that causes ANY WYZE CONTACT SENSOR opening to call my mobile phone number through IFTTT.

IFTTT links a WYZE trigger to a PHONE CALL (US Only) action.

“IF any WYZE contact sensor opens, then call my phone.”

IFTTT even generates a computer voice prompt when I answer the phone.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Tod. This is really cool. Works awesome. But receiving call within 60 seconds.

In this day of instant gratification, 60 seconds can seem like a long time. But for me, it works. I saved the IFTTT telephone number to my IOS contacts … renamed it WYZE ALERTS. Then added the WYZE ALERTS number to my IOS “favorites” group. And then allowed my FAVORITES to break through my DO NOT DISTURB settings … so in theory, if a contact alert is OPENED during the night, even though I have DO NOT DISTURB set, my phone should ring on my bedside table.

I woke my wife up in the middle of the night and asked her to go down and open a window … but needless to say, she wouldn’t get out of bed at 3 a.m., so I haven’t tested my middle-of-the-night theory.

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It took longer time for the first one or two times and after that, i’m receiving call with 10 sec. It not bad at all.

I did the similar thing for my Android phone,

Will wyze sense get google home integration? I have a sensor on my garage door, and would love to be able to ask google assistant “is my garage door open”, the same way I can ask it if a light is on.

Hi everyone! Not sure if everyone saw the email we just sent out, so wanted to post here as well. Wyze Sense & expansion kits will be launching TOMORROW May 8 at 9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern).

At launch, there will be a limited supply of expansion kits, but more inventory will be arriving later this month. Mark your calendars!


I wanted to share my Wyze Sense videos with my father, but he can not see any video events. Do you know how someone can share videos that are triggered by Wyze Sense?

Love the products :slight_smile: would it be possible to add the siren? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Great question! If you want someone to see the Sensor Videos you need to share both the Sensor & the camera. If you only share the Sensor no videos will appear.

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I am using the 2 sensors as monitoring 1 on a window and another on a door. I have them set up with IFTTT, and then integrate them as virtual switches with Smartthings/IFTTT.
What I would like to see is the option for them in IFTTT/Smartthings is to have the capability to have the option of them showing up as open or close through IFTTT/Smartthings virtual sensor.
Right now my virtual sensors say either on or off, would like them to show as open or closed.

I share both. But when they click on the Wyze Sense, they do not see the list of events that it records and don’t have the videos attached. It is possible that my older parents are not using the app correctly.

It would be nice to have a all clear or group clear trigger in IFTTT for Wyze. I can already create an if motion on any motion sensor then X applet in IFTTT, but it would be nice to have an if all clear then do X. This would allow for fencing of the house with motion detection. For instance if all clear at night lock the door and turn off all hue lights.

As I’ve been using Wyze Sense, I’ve noticed that the sensor notifications sometimes get delayed (e.g. a sensor triggers, and the events get recorded), but the notifications don’t come in at that time… maybe an hour late, all of the notifications come in as a big batch… Is there a way to ensure that the notifications triggered come in as they happen?