Wyze Sense Early Access AMA (Ask Me Anything)


Post #18 somewhere up in this very thread actually shows what Sense is by posting a screenshot from the beta app’s store…



Since the photo in the attached link isn’t really explanatory: Sense = Motion sensor, contact sensors and a bridge…



I sincerely hope the motion detectors don’t have 100’s of false alerts like the cameras, rendering the cameras almost useless for actual motion detection. I use hubitat for security with real motion detectors, zero false alerts, then I check my cameras if any motion. Too bad we still don’t have RTSP or any local streaming outside of an SD card , which can easily be stolen

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It uses a different method to detect movement which results in fewer false positives. The Wyze Cam uses pixel movement to detect movement which can be tripped by lights turning on & off, trees blowing,
dust, or bugs. Wyze Motion Sensor uses PIR which only detects motion of objects that have a
heat signature.



This product looks really interesting but without local network access it just isn’t an option for me.

Will there be support for sense in the alternate local network firmware for the cam? That would solve all my problems.



I have a set of sliding doors that go out to my patio. Will the Wyze Sense sensors in this kit work with my sliding doors? Also, how big are they? How big is themotion sensor, as well (it looks very small in your videos) and how is the motion detector mounted to various surfaces? Thank you in advance.


  1. The Wyze Sense contact sensors should work for sliding doors and any other object that requires proximity detection (one of their testers even used them on a laundry machine). You can also see it used on garage doors (which are also sliding doors - sideways) in their introductory video here: https://youtu.be/rlp5f5jJPSk

  2. From their product tech specifications page:
    Sensor Bridge: 1.2" x 0.7" x 1.2"
    Contact Sensor: 1.1" x 0.5" x 1.2"
    Motion Sensor: 1.2" x 0.9" x1.2"

  3. Sensor Mounting Method: Adhesive back (I am guessing they use 3M adhesive strips)

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Not sure if this answers your question, but the bridge plugs into the back of the camera and uses the same network. If your circumstances enable you use a Wyze cam, then you should be able to use the entire Sense suite comprised of the bridge and sensors…



Sorry, I didn’t communicate that very well.

I’m talking about the alternate firmware that supports RTSP for local streaming. If it also supports local sensor access then Sense would be perfect for me.



I wonder how much the extra contact sensors (4-pack) and motion sensor will be?
Should I get two starter kits instead?
I know I only need one hub. Given that the starter kit is $20, I would assume the individual sensors to be $5-6 each.