Wyze Sense Early Access AMA (Ask Me Anything)


I never saw an update in TestFlight either today, running 2.2.18 and don’t see early access in the store.

I did previously see early access for the nest. Maybe related, but my account name there is different than the forums… not quite sure why.


My shop only shows the existing products. Hmmm.


There is no “Sense” under Early access. You saw my screen capture a few posts above. Below what was shown in the screen capture was “All Products” with the V2 camera, Pan camera, Camera mounting kit, 32GB uSD card, and Surge protector. That’s it. And yes, I tried scrolling left and right - does not do anything.


I see it and it says sold, ended.
I have beta but wouldn’t let me leave a comment without creating name, which I already have.
I would love to get it and test it!


Yes, you would have to create a username, we won’t allow anonymous posting inside the app. We haven’t started selling yet and we will announce when it becomes available :slight_smile:

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Will there be an email broadcast?


Edit: To @WyzeMark Will the contact sensors and the motion detector have controls in the Beta App (Android) to allow them to be individually scheduled for times of day to turn On/Off, and also to send Alerts/Notifications? I may want to activate/deactivate sensors individually by an app-enabled schedule ( but not necessarily through IFTTT).


Does the Hub use its own unique MAC address and therefore send its Alerts / Notifications through its own WiFi connection, or does the hub use the MAC address and WiFi connection of its host canera? Edit: [That should have read “camera”]


If the hub is attached to a camera that is powered ON (which means the Hub has power), but the camera has lost WiFi connectivity, will the Hub still be able to transmit Alerts / Notifications?


So it’s a separate username from here?


Same email but you may use a different nickname.


Is this AMA going to be made available by other means (YouTube, via Discover, etc.)?


No plans at the moment, but it will be made available when the Wyze Sense goes live


And what was that date again…? :wink:


“We are working on it”… famous last words :slight_smile:


Haha, had to try… Lol


Always worth a shot :rofl:

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@WyzeMark. Will the sensors be controlled by schedule options such as Turn On/Off, Send Alert/Notifications?


@WyzeMark Does the Hub use its own MAC address to communicate Events/Alerts/Notifications or does it share the MAC address and WiFi functionality of the host canera?


Yeesh, 40 messages in this thread and not a one that says what Sense is. Lol!