Wyze Sense Early Access AMA (Ask Me Anything)

@Beta Members,

Hello Everyone,

I’m Mark from the Wyze Product Team. Several members have already seen the upcoming Wyze Sense (not yet available) inside the Beta App (latest beta version 2.2.18 or later) and we would be glad to answer any questions that you might have about the product.

So we are doing an AMA exclusively inside the Beta App for all members of this group, hosted by @WyzeMike from the Product Team. We look forward to hearing your feedback and questions.

Go to Shop -> Early Access -> Updates

For those of you who cannot make it, leave the questions here and we’ll leave the response in the Beta App for others to see. See you there!


Come find us here inside the Beta app


I dont have an update available yet, but I will keep checking- it may still be a little early in the AM for you West Coasters :wink:

As with other home automation/security devices, i have a hard time trying to make everything work together seamlessly. Apart from IFTTT (which has a mind of its own for automations, and i have personally seen delays upto an hour …), what are the other options that will let us integrate this product with other home Automation devices, so we can announce on our speakers (Amazon, Google or any other smart speaker) when the door/window is open or flash a light (hue, Zigbee, other…) in real time along with getting alerts on our mobile devices ?


@batrad Have you looked into home assistant? That’s how I have all my devices connected.


i did and gave up after my hass.io on my RPI crashed multiple times

Currently use SmartThings, been more stable for our home use…

Stringify really is the best for bringing everything together, so hopefully Wyze will eventually add this integration.


Strange, I had issues with Hass.io when it first came out, but I’ve been running it without issues for over 6 months. I’ve setup all of my automations in node red and it runs beautifully.

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Does it have a built in alarm siren?

Likewise. Beta version 2.2.18 for some while (although I did get another Test Flight notice about it yesterday). 3 1/2 hours till the event and no new beta version available. On iOS (unfortunately).

Support that!

Im on Android version 2.2.19… still no update available. Between waiting for that email, and this update - my phone might start suggesting I take a break soon LOL

I’ve been told by @WyzeGwendolyn that 2.2.18 for iOS and 2.2.19 for Android are the latest.

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Thanks to the FB group, I was able to find the AMA - so all is right with the world for me (in wyze land that is… the rest is still iffy)

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Start now. See you all in the beta app!


I would be joining you IF I COULD !

No update after 2.2.18 which I’ve had for a while and no way apparently to get to Updates within Shop -> Early Access (only shopping that states that it is Beta and does not acrually work.

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Sorry that you couldn’t join. What do you see?

No love here either…

If you go inside Sense (under Early Access), you will see Updates. Sorry we weren’t able to explain this well!