Wyze Sense Contact Sensor notifications not turning off

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I can’t get my contact sensor notifications to turn off. Any time I turn them off in the app, (Device Settings > Notifications > untick Opens/Closes) and then back out of the settings page, they turn right back on again. Even after turning them off and with the settings page still open, I still get notifications on said phone.

Already tried turning them off on an iPhone and when I checked on an Android phone, the same settings were turned back on again. Same thing happens regardless of device.

Is there any other way to disable this? I’d like to only get notifications when I am not at home and not every time each door in the house is opened/closed.


PS: In the included photo, I turned off the notifications, left the app open, opened a door and still got a notification.

Try restarting the App and then test the notification alert. If that does not work, consider deleting the sensor and then re-installing it.

Already tried all of that step-by-step then deleted the sensor and added it back again. The notifications only turn off and stay off the very first time, and turn right back on again and remain stuck just like before the very next time.

Already sent a support ticket to Wyze along with the logs. Hoping to hear back from them…

Do you have the ticket number?

Ok I got some additional info and here’s some context. The Notification Settings are stored on the bridge. When an event is detected, the cloud checks the settings so it can decide whether to send an a notification or not. It’s possible that if you do the change settings quickly, the cloud doesn’t get the latest state and would refer to the previous one (notifications on). Try doing it again and wait for a bit to check if this will be the case. Also try to see if there’s a delay in your camera IoT by switching the cam on/off (not streaming), if yes, then this might be causing the issue.

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[Wyze Ticket 221653]

Finally figured it out thanks to @WyzeMark. Apparently, my contact sensor notification settings weren’t changing to off regardless of what the app showed because the camera the bridge is plugged into was not streaming (off).

The bridge was still on and connected (blue LED on at the back) but unless the camera is online and streaming, current sensor settings are not implimented even if you continue receiving notifications. The recognized settings are the very last ones you set while the camera is on.

Hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in the same situation…


I just checked again after the most recent firmware update and it now seems like the contact sensors apply whatever notification settings you select (On or Off) regardless of if the camera the bridge is connected to is streaming or not.

Still testing, but if this is the case, it completely solves my issue by letting me turn notifications on or off at will without necessarily turning on the camera first.

Well done, Wyze…!


That is correct. If you check the Sense user guide on the support site, you’ll see that it states that the bridge and sensors will continue to function even if the camera is in OFF mode. To disable the bridge, you must de-power the camera it is attached to.