Wyze Sense Contact Sensor Adhesive


I have installed four (of the 12 I have purchased) Wyze Sense Contact Sensors so far. Last night I installed one on my back door (see picture #1) and what I noticed this morning is that the magnet is so strong (as it should be) and the adhesive is so spongy, that the magnet actually pulled itself over to the sensor and made contact (see picture #2…picture was actually taken after I pulled them apart and tried to re-stick) which now makes it impossible to close the door. The adhesive on the magnet on my attic door performed similarly (picture #4), but adding Scotch Mounting Tape (pictures #4 and #5) probably fixed this problem.

I love these things, and I plan to buy more, but my impression is that the adhesive strip is way too thick, which makes it too spongy, so much so that there is too much wiggle on the thin magnet. Not a deal breaker, because I purchased a roll of Scotch double-sided indoor Mounting Tape, and was able to attach a small strip to the other side of the magnet (opposite the sensor unit), and it now holds in place just fine (see pictures #3 and #5)). My recommendation to Wyze, however, is to replace the thick, spongy adhesive on both the magnet and the sensor unit with a thinner adhesive similar to Scotch Mounting Tape. Hope this helps others!


During alpha and beta testing, Wyze determined there were issues with metal doors interfering with the communication with the bridge when using thinner adhesive strips. They improved signal with the thicker strips. I personally use 3M Command Strips to mount mine.