Wyze Sense Available For Purchase!

Wyze Ticket 222838

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You guys recently took in Millions of dollars $$$ from an angel investor, you really need to spend some of that on plenty of live support technicians, especially in this industry with this product. Love my cameras, I’m lucky that I have no problems for now, I guess. …Waiting patiently for “Outdoor-Weather resistent” model.

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I know, but my Order #399644 (May 8, 2019) to be sent (and confirmed) to [REDACTED]… Seems odd and looks like I won’t get it Monday…

Thank you for another great product. I had no problems setting it up and it has been working flawlessly. I don’t have the sensors too far from the cam, but I have experienced no connectivity issues. Now to go buy a few more contact sensors.

@WyzeGwendolyn The Motion Sensor specs state the detection window is 120 degrees. With a Motion Sensor mounted on a wall, I presume this means the sensor has a horizontal (left to right) field of vision of 120 degrees. Is the vertical (top to bottom) field of vision also 120 degrees? And, with the sensor mounted on a wall, can the sensor look directly downward to the floor or is it angled forward and by what degree?

@WyzeGwendolyn. Two plus weeks and I still don’t have a response to my ticket. I’m just about fed up with Wyze

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Hi @treylehan! I noticed someone trying to help you in your topic Bridge won’t pair, but you never indicated if anything in the guides helped you, or not. Also, could you please post your support ticket number in a reply here?

I didn’t respond as I followed all the steps in that guide multiple times as indicated in the post and nothing worked. I’ve already shared my ticket number. This honestly feels like a joke

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I apologize. I didn’t see your ticket number in the thread. I’ll see what I can do to get eyes on your ticket.

No worries. I think that as someone who works in the customer experience field I’m likely hyper-sensitive to a poor experience and on top of that, this experience has contradicted my prior experience with Wyze.

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We’re sorry. And I apologize for my delay in getting back here. I sent you a response to your support ticket and I’ll keep an eye on it. This should not have been your experience and we are deeply sorry. We have a group of people coming in to be trained for support soon and that should help but I understand that this doesn’t decrease the wait and frustration that you have already experienced.

I have my devices boxed up and ready to return. Still have not received my rma information! Will you please advise?

I just checked on your ticket and it looks like you should have the RMA information in your email now. Sorry for the delay on that!

I have no such email!

That’s odd… Are you comfortable with me sending your RMAs through a message here? And have you checked your spam folders and such?

yes i checked spam folders, nothing!

Can you please look into my support ticket 228550 I put that in a week ago and haven’t heard anything back. I have a defective sensor that won’t connect to the bridge. All my other 5 sensor and motion work perfect but the one defective one I received

@ttucker, if you still haven’t received your RMA, are you comfortable with me sending it to you a different way? Or would you like me to ask your agent to re-send it through email?

@Ciangi, I’ll look into your ticket now. Thanks for letting me know! Sorry to hear about the Wyze Sense trouble.

Looks like you’re all set! Thank you for your patience and I apologize for my delay here. :slight_smile:

how am I all set? I have not received my refund for the items, so I will not be all set until that happens