Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?

People. A wise man once said… when the horse is dead, dismount.

There is nothing any of us can do to resolve this issue other than encourage each and every person to open a support ticket and demand resolution.

The continual grasping at straws displayed here is painful to continue to watch, with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. If I read another example of, “…and it’s now working again. We’ll see how long it does …” I’ll spew burrito chunks :wink:

I’d like to recommend we shift the discussion from flailing troubleshooting efforts to posting the latest updates from our open support tickets.

Mine was closed, and so I will open a new one up first thing Monday and won’t accept “we’ll look into it but don’t expect a direct answer” non answer, and suggest all do the same.

Yeah, but opening tickets is not doing anything. I will most likely be jumping off them Wyze boat and move on to other motion sensors even with a higher cost (the Ring motion sensor works, but that’s a hefty investment for anyone to just get motion sensors that work consistently).

Since this appears to be a consistent problem for Wyze sense users, I assume we have all considered other approaches and other smart sensor products, so this may be as good a place as any to ask these questions: Anyone know of a way to use 433rf motion/contact sensors to trigger Alexa routines or smart devices? The 433rf devices I have go to a WiFi alarm system (Enklov). I assume I need a hub that is capable of receiving 433rf signals (In) and then sending (Out) data to Alexa, Smart Life, or the device directly via WiFi. Anyone know of a product like that? I would like to avoid buying new sensors—and having multiple sensors on doors/walls when I already have the 433rf sensors installed in the correct locations. Note - I have tried the sonoff bridge. It works for this situation, but it requires using sonoff smart switches and only allows four RF “ins” per bridge. Thanks.

Bond might work… Or at least, they may be working on such. See https://community.home-assistant.io/t/433-rf-rolling-codes-ez-wand/174787 and https://forum.bondhome.io/t/rollease-acmeda-and-dooya-motorized-shades/413/39

Looks like that is designed for RF output. I need something with RF input—meaning it reacts to an RF signal.

I am still rebooting my camera every morning… I have a Alexa routine that turns out the basement lights at 10:00PM, and if I reboot the camera/bridge every morning, everything works throughout the day. Since we don’t spend a lot of time in the basement it’s fine.

Still would be a nice thing to get ironed out…

I can try the "sensor clear for X minutes, wait 5 seconds and turn out the light to see what happens…

Same behavior.
I’m going for another brand of sensors. This is exhausting. If you know a good one instead, tell me about them

That didn’t work for me. So far no solution has really “worked” for fixing this. What I’ve noticed is that regardless of resetting the bridge, sense works perfectly up until around 8pm EST. After that point, no routines built in Alexa that trigger if no motion is detected for X time will trigger. The next morning, everything works again.

Routines that use the motion sensors to trigger things like turning lights on when I go into a room work fine regardless of time. Seem like there must be some kind of issue either on Alexa’s end with the time or on Wyze’s end sending it to Alexa after a certain hour.

Hi guys. I think is Alexa issue. https://www.amazonforum.com/s/question/0D54P00006zSs0u/echo-flex-motion-sensor-routine-not-triggered-on-no-motion-detected-after-x-minutes

I’m going to try it with no X minutes option to verify.

Hey guys. It’s working for 0 hrs AND 0 minutes routine. I think then issue comes from Alexa X minutes routine. Is possible to configure how long wyze sensor would take for status clearing?

That’s highly possible. A manufacturer of an Alexa-compatible device should probably engage Amazon.

I dont find that kind of option.
I dont know why there Is not custom clearing status wait time option…

By now. With 0 hrs and 0 minutes configuration is working.
I don’t understand how light does not turn off passed 30 seconds. I think could be trigger for every movement and does not turn them off, just like XX minutes configuration in shorter time.

What a nightmare.

By now. I’m just using for kitchen sensor 0 hrs and 0 minutes configuration for Alexa. Sometimes lights turn off when I’m in kitchen, but when I move around inmediately they turn on. I could live with that for a while, but Wyze and Amazon Alexa should work fixing the issue for XX hrs and XX minutes for no movement detected configuration.

I actually tried this last night and got it to work, had an Alexa routine to turn off the lights after no motion for 10 minutes and they indeed turned off after 10 minutes of not seeing motion.

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It works, but it doesn’t work consistently. I find that it works fine until around 9pm EST then it stops. The next morning, the routine works fine and the lights turn off after no motion is detected for X amount of time.

The weird thing is that for me, both wyze and alexa are correctly reporting the amount of time no motion has been detected, just the routine isn’t triggering at certain times.

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Try seeing how many times it works throughout a 24hour period without any reboots or other manual interventions.

Yeah, my dim bathroom light seems to get stuck on during the middle of the night. Works mostly throughout the day, but I have reboots every 6 hours to help.

I’m not currently rebooting the camera the bridge is in. Didn’t seem to make any difference.