Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?

No problem. Have you successfully gotten your motion sensor to work? If so, make sure you watch it for a couple of days.

Honestly, I don’t trust the motion sensor that much either. Especially after the amount of unnecessary frustration I went through trying to fix them.

IMO the V2 and Pan Cams are solid and any issues that I had were minor and quickly resolved.

The sense devices however, are unreliable. I had a contact sensor constantly go offline even after checking the battery.

I don’t think Wyze intends on supporting their older sense devices for too long since they’re releasing a new “home security” line of devices.

If I start having issues with this motion sensor again I’m just going to toss it.

Yup same issue. Tried a different camera, different bridge, different PIR sensor, Moved PIR closer to Bridge, tried different WiFi network, ensured firmware up to date, reset everything, Deleted all cameras and Sense and contact sensors from Wyze and Alexa readded them a few dozen times. I finally gave up on this and playing with it on and off since purchase. Perhaps some day…

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Mind detailing how to set that up? I’m not seeing that option in Alexa.

Same here. I feel that these sensors aren’t ready for prime time. I love Wyze, but even a free device isn’t worth anything if it’s not reliable.

My issues began right around that Server outage in August. I have two sensors working (delayed trigger), and two that don’t. Even changing out sensors doesn’t fix it.

The worst is trying to troubleshoot yourself, spending weeks thinking you overlooked something, only to find out it was always out of your hands - and no word from Wyze.

Add Action - Wait

Not sure if you were replying to me or not.
Pretty new to all of this.

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Ah! Wait! I forgot about that action. Good workaround until this issue is addressed. Thanks.

Just be warned that using this route, the light will turn off after the timer expires regardless of continued activity. It’s really only useful for areas you traffic through but don’t spend a lot of time in, like the hallway in this example.

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Especially since the reset delay time is pretty delayed unfortunately.

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Yes, sadly, I discovered this after trying it out for two days.

So back to square one for me I guess. Does anybody know how many separate posters here started having this issue after wyze had their server problems a couple of months ago? Is there any chance (other than slim) to get them to actually look into this?

Zero I’d say. Since having these issues, they’ve announced the pre-release of 3 new products plus completed a successful guilt campaign to get customers who purchased cameras with person detection to try and pay additional due to failures of their own contract negotiations. They’re joking right ? How can they expect us to invest anything more into Wyze when it’s clear they will not stand by their products at all ?

Because Wyze cam has never really functioned with the reliability required of a security cam, I guess it’s time to final pull the plug and begin the painful road of hand-rolling a surveillance/automation system. And I doubt any of the Wyze products will be able to connect into such a system directly since they are proprietary and do not support any existing standards like Zigbee, etc…

Put a fork in this experiment, it’s done :hot_face:

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So with everyone working from home, I’ve noticed that the sensors perform perfectly all day, but then around about 8:30 or 9:30pm they stop working. Wondering if there’s some kind of traffic overload that hits later in the evening that’s keeping the routines from functioning.

Have had the same issues and it is very frustrating. I will cease purchasing any Wyze products until there is a permanent solution. In the meantime, I believe I have a workaround through the Alexa app. It is similar to the suggestions above using “Wait” as part of the Alexa routine, but you make it the first action in the routine. This avoids the issue of the light turning off regardless of motion/clear that is present with the other suggested “Wait” routines. That would only occur if there is no motion for your set amount of “clear” time, but there is motion during the 5 second “Wait” period because the routine to shut the light off would already have begun to run. Pretty rare for that to occur.

So, the trigger is Wyze sensor clear for X minutes—-> wait 5 seconds, turn light off. (Note: setting Wait to zero automatically sets it to five seconds.) I cannot explain why, but it has been working so far.

That’s actually rather curious. Ill update my routines to give it a shot. If this is the solve, then perhaps the issue is on Amazon’s end with processing the commands.

Yes, that is rather curious. If I’m following, it implies that a delayed no motion detected Alexa routine periodically gets lost/confused when it goes to trigger actions, but a wait at the beginning makes it stay consistently active which allows the action to fully execute. If that is the case, then the issue is on Amazon’s side. However, a Ring motion sensor does not exhibit the same problem as a Wyze motion sensor (but Amazon owns Ring). Nonetheless, if I was the manufacturer of a product, I would be making sure it consistently works as designed/intended.

On a device from another manufacturer (strip lights), I have to use a wait command if I want to change color and brightness level. Despite being able to set such in a single action, it doesn’t work and the wait (5 seconds) resolves the issue. It might be that too many adjustments at once is confusing Alexa.

If I did it correctly with a 5-second wait at the very beginning of the Alexa routine, it does not appear to be working. I am going back to scheduling periodic reboots of the Wyze camera (maybe 2-3 times spaced out throughout the day).

I tried it with the wait prior to the not detected in the past without any luck.
I also tried adding an additional wait at the end of the detected routine. No luck there either.

Out of the 4 wyze motion sensor that I have… 1 works well. The other 3 all have issues with the “Not detected” routines.

The not detected routines will work with ifttt but unless you are subscribing to their monthly service thing I don’t know why you’d want to use it without a time condition since the re-trigger delay is long.

For my kitchen…I just bought a hue sensor since I had the hue lights in there and it works perfectly.

I wonder if the motion sensors would work better with the wyze bulbs directly from the wyze app itself. Pretty sure that it’s not a road I want to venture down.

The v2 cams are pretty solid.
Wyze sense needs a lot of work.

My routine has wait as the first action. The only trigger is no motion for X minutes. Still seems to be working so far, but it’s only been a day or so, so we will see.

I can confirm that adding a wait doesn’t do anything.

The only thing that worked reliably for me is using a wyze plug to physically reboot the camera about 8 hours apart.

@isignedup Are you doing soft reboots using the Wyze app, or hard (physical) reboots?

I’m definitely not buying any more wyze devices other than the V2 and cam pan.

I have noticed though that the no motion routine tends to fail in the evening, around 8PM EST. It’s possible that the bug has something to do with the time of day but I can’t consistently reproduce this issue.

So far, I haven’t had any issues with the Wyze plugs that I own. Hopefully it stays that way.

It appears as though Wyze is fully aware their current sense devices are garbage and unreliable, since they’re abandoning them in favor of a new “home security” line. I’m curious to see how that goes for them.

I might give HomeAssistant a try and see if local control may increase reliability and response time.

I’m eventually going to replace my current motion sensor with another brand once it breaks down for good.

@rodaimi - yes, I am doing Wyze App-based restarts via rules. I was doing 2 and now I am doing 3 (8am, 2pm, and 8pm) to see if that goes better. I have a Wyze App-based restart shortcut too and when things stop working, doing the restart shortcut (soft restart/reboot) has allowed things to start working again. The 2 restarts didn’t seem to be enough and thus, I am now at 3 (every 6 hours between 8am and 8pm). And yes, the evening timeline seems to be when things stop working. Have to wonder if a related server has a daily reboot that is breaking the connection between Alexa and the Wyze device (or something along those lines).

All these workarounds seem to imply that there is a periodic disconnect between Alexa and Wyze like when a given device within Alexa shows “unresponsive”, but actions still work, but not in the case of a Wyze device. So the no motion detected time shows in both Wyze and Alexa, but when it comes time for Alexa to do something, it doesn’t (like it’s connection to the device has become broken and thus, doesn’t work). Restarts/reboots seems to temporarily re-establishish the connection, but for an unknown amoint of time. My usage of the Wyze motion sensor is purely convenience, but with it’s unreliability, it is actual becoming more work to keep it working versus going back to manual on/off.

People. A wise man once said… when the horse is dead, dismount.

There is nothing any of us can do to resolve this issue other than encourage each and every person to open a support ticket and demand resolution.

The continual grasping at straws displayed here is painful to continue to watch, with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight. If I read another example of, “…and it’s now working again. We’ll see how long it does …” I’ll spew burrito chunks :wink:

I’d like to recommend we shift the discussion from flailing troubleshooting efforts to posting the latest updates from our open support tickets.

Mine was closed, and so I will open a new one up first thing Monday and won’t accept “we’ll look into it but don’t expect a direct answer” non answer, and suggest all do the same.

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