Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?

To be honest, I unfortunately would not count on a resolution within 30 days. I’ve been here for more than a year and a half and these type of posts about sensors have been a regular thing since they were released. I don’t think Wyze does any development with the sensors and they are what they are. It seems for many, they work mostly, but for some they never work right and I haven’t seen anything from Wyze that they’ve even identified the problem for those people. I’ve had a mostly decent experience with the sensors. They do go down or have delays more frequently than I think they should along with general Wyze notifications. Usually Wyze pops into the forum and says it’s due to Amazon server maintenance.

In the beginning when the sensors were first released, I had problems getting them to work at all for more than a short time. What I found with help from other posts here in the forum that worked for me were two main issues. The first was using a higher wattage power supply when I had the bridge in a Pan Cam. That helped, but I still had to reboot fairly often. What finally helped the most was moving the bridge from the Pan to a V2. That was like a year ago I think. I almost never have to reboot now for sensors and haven’t since I made the switch. Any problems I have now is on the Wyze server end like the so-called Amazon server maintenance. I even have a contact sensor on my mailbox over 75 feet away with the bridge on a camera that’s indoors and Alexa announces my mail is here every day. Except for battery changes, that sensor and routine has been running for over a year except when there’s server issues.

Update 9/15 12:00 AM EDT:

I think this no motion Alexa routine issue has finally been fixed for good.

It’s been almost 48 hours, and my routine to turn off my lights after five minutes of no motion detected has been working without issues. No rebooting or tweaking of the Alexa routine needed.

This is the longest so far that my routine has been working without any intervention.

I’m hoping this issue doesn’t crop up again and that something else hasn’t broken. I’ll continue to monitor my routines and will report back if anything changes.

Despite the fact that this issue seems to be fixed for good, I still find it completely unacceptable to not get ANY response from wyze regarding this issue.

As much as I want to continue to support wyze, since they are really trying to bring high quality smart home devices to consumers and the lowest possible price, I no longer believe that their sensors are reliable enough.

I guess I will be sticking to the wyze cams (v2 and pan only) and transitioning over to another sensor solution as my wyze devices break down.

If they even acknowledged this sensor issue, I would be more understanding.

The fact that they completely ignored this issue for a month, and probably only did something because they were tired of getting daily support requests for the same issue is extremely disappointing to me.

One of the reasons I invested so much into wyze is because they were one of the few companies that were actually transparent and communicated with their users.

While they still are transparent and still try to let us know when they’re are issues, I feel like they have dropped the ball when it comes to the little things, and aren’t focusing on their existing customers and products the way they used to.

IMO, right now they’re concentrating on churning out new devices such as the doorbell and thermostat, but in the process, sacrificing their existing customers and products.

I have some LIFX bulbs and had a minor issue with their API, and was pleasantly surprised when one of their cloud engineers hopped onto the fourm and helped me out.

I really hope that this is just a temporary thing and that once wyze could show their investors that they are expanding their product line (which is probably what their main concern is) that they will come back and give us users the same level of attention and support we had last year.

Had to reboot again today. I have 2 locations with 2accounts and both stopped executing the motion closed routines. One site lost connectivity to all the sensors, motion and contact.

According a Wyze Facebook post, the latest beta FW or (Cam Pan) addresses several bugs including Wyze Sense issues.

If you want to try this FW, you’ll need the beta app if you don’t already have it. I recommend only installing this FW on one of your cams so you can make sure everything is working fine before updating all of you cams.

I just installed it on my Cam Pan, so we’ll see what happens.

Thanks @rodaimi … I updated the beta app and got the beta firmwares yesterday. However, my sensors have been working for the last week (maybe a prior firmware update helped). Based on the what you indicated from the Facebook posting and what firmwares got updates, it may be that the underlying sense issues are with the camera firmware (i.e. my bridge firmware was not updated… I don’t know if the individual sensors have firmwares or not).

Glad to hear your sensors have been working properly as well. My sensors have also been working since last week. Hopefully the FW will help others who are still experiencing issues.

It looks to me like wyze may have changed something in the way the Alexa integration works server side, but didn’t immediately realize they needed to update the cam’s FW.

As far as the actual sensors having FW, they do (every piece of hardware has firmware) but it’s probably ROM FW, which can’t be changed or overwritten.

This has been quite a journey. :joy:

I may be experiencing a slightly different issue, but I’ve noticed that my Alexa routines to shut off light after a sensor detects no motion for a specified time have been spotty for weeks. It seems to work fine during the daytime hours but evening and night there’s no pattern.

I’m not even convinced the issue lies with Wyze because the motion sensor is reporting the correct motion info in the Alexa app and the wyze app, but the routine doesn’t always trigger. To me, that means the sensor is functioning and the correct motion info has been passed to Alexa, but for whatever reason it’s just not triggering on amazon’s end.

That is the issue being discussed here. If you have a device restart process (e.g. daily), you may have periods of apparent consistency. The issue appears to be a Wyze Cloud to Amazon cloud communication issue, but more specifically with using delayed no motion detected routines with motion sensors (e.g. contact sensor on door to turn light on/off works consistently).

I don’t know that’s there’s an issue with Wyze Cloud to Amazon Cloud. The Alexa app is correctly reporting the motion sensor status and inactivity time for me. Why would it be a handoff issue if Alexa has and is displaying the sensor state and inactivity period correctly?

What isignedup is suggesting is that we challenge your premise that Alexa is showing the actions. Can you please shed light on why you think this is the case ?


Alexa routines with delayed no motion have been working for me for several days now, but prior to that they were not. Again, I am now on beta firmware versions. Are you stating that, for you, Alexa is indicating the sensor/delayed status, but not properly triggering a delayed no motion detected routine?

That would be different than my experience when I was having issues. I think others’ experiences have been similar to mine (staus in Wyze app accurate, but status in Alexa app not accurate/current/updated and thus, delayed no motion detected routines not triggered… which would seem be an indication of staus data not flowing from Wyze to Amazon… perhaps a cloud-to-cloud communication issue or just one cloud not sending current status to the other cloud).

Further, when I was having issues, I changed my routine to utilize a Ring motion sensor and it always, immediately, and consistently worked (and my other routines utilizing the Ring motion sensor have worked through all of this). Amazon owns Ring and thus, Ring is most likely part of the Amazon Cloud already (i.e. Amzon Cloud to Amazn Cloud communication).

Obviously, I don’t have the specific details of the Wyze Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and “Ring” Cloud functionalities and interoperabilities. However, what I do have is experience of what was not happening for some time (an Alexa-based delayed no motion detected routine not triggering for about a month when it previously was and the Aleza app not showing correct current motion sensor device status). Since things are currently working for me (again, I am on beta firmware versions), Alexa app is reflecting current status/inactivity correctly (where it previously was not and the Alexa-based delayed no action detected routine was not triggering… But I can’t validate that again because things are working for me).

It is possible that experiences are the same, similar, or different, but with the same end result of Alexa-based routines not working (currently or previously) correctly when utilizing Wyze sensors.

Sure. When I note the light not turning off, I manually turn it off. Then I wave at the sensor and note if I see the red light indicating it’s detected motion and the light comes back on. Then I look in the wyze app to confirm that motion was detected correctly. Then I switch to the Alexa and open the motion sensor under devices to confirm it’s also reporting the same as the Wyze App. After that I leave and wait 5 minutes (the routine is supposed to trigger after 2 minutes of inactivity). If the light doesn’t go off, I check the Wyze app and it correctly indicates no motion has been detected for at least 5 minutes. Then I switch over to the Alexa app and check the sensor again. It matches what the Wyze app says for last motion detected and usually says something like “No motion detected, inactive since XXX time today. Duration: 5 minutes.”

That matches the duration the sensor hasn’t detected motion. My conclusion is if the Alexa app is reporting correctly, the issue is with Amazon, not wyze unless Amazon isn’t using the same data as they do in the app to determine when to trigger the routine.

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Looks like all my sensors and Wyze plugs have just become unresponsive.

Today’s Friday and for those of you who don’t know, wyze always likes to do maintenance on Friday Nights.

Time to delete and readd my devices again😔

EDIT: just unlink and relink your wyze account if any devices are offline. No need to delete anything.

When I had issues with my Alexa no motion routine, the Alexa app would show the motion sensor as unresponsive most of the time.

There are some instances that I have seen the Alexa app report when the last motion was detected correctly, but that only happened when I checked the Alexa app within 10 minutes or so of when the Wyze sensor became clear. After an hour or two, the sensor status would show unresponsive in the Alexa app.

Next time you notice that your no motion routine is not working, check the Alexa app first without triggering any motion on the sensor. Once you trigger motion, the sensor reconnects to Alexa.

Has anyone had any real resolution to this?

Still having issue. Rebooting seems to work but only on hard reset (unplug )
I am also having issue with contract sensor showing open but not closed in Wyse App. Nothing to do with Alexa. I installed a second contact sensor on my garage door. The new sensor works, the old one loses connection or shows open after 24 hrs from reboot.

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I’m still having the same issue with a 3-minute no motion detected setting. I’m either going to try out another motion sensor like SmartThings…or set it to a zero minute no motion setting in the Alexa routine, which seems to consistently fire correctly but will trigger more often than I want (i.e. turn the kitchen lights off while I’m in the kitchen, which is kind of annoying).


The FW fixed the issue for me.

You can try that one for the Pan Cam or for the V2.

These are beta FW builds so you’ll need the beta version of the Wyze app to update your cams

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Thanks for the reply.

As much as I like these sensors for their size and price point, they aren’t such a great deal when it comes to the amount of frustration involved with them.

Thankfully, haven’t had any issues with the contact sensors, or the V2 cam,

The motion sensors are really why I went with wyze to begin with so coming home each day to find out your lights have been on all day because some $6 motion sensors didn’t work correctly just sucks.