Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?

You can return them if it’s less than 30 days since you bought them.

I would open a support ticket if you haven’t already and just keep sending them logs everytime you notice the issue.

Maybe they’ll get tired of receiving the same type of logs from multiple users and actually fix the problem.

I just tried that but now when trying to re-add the sensor the hub doesn’t come up. Luckily I have a second cam that has a hub and it comes up so had to connect these to that one. It’s just further away.

I can see the hub if I go into the camera settings but I cant see it when trying to add new sensor or reconnect an existing one.

I found that a timer set to reboot the camera twice a day, keeps the motion off routine running.

I really don’t understand how the cam could be interfering with Alexa routine, but it’s pretty obvious that the cam is at least partially causing the issue.

I might try to roll back the firmware on my cam with the bridge and see what happens.

How long do you think your motion off routine works for before you need to reboot your cam?Mine seems to last about eight hours so I set it to reboot around 8AM and again at 4PM.

Yup that’s next!

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Try unplugging the other bridge and then pairing the sensor to the bridge that you want. It’s possible that there’s some bug that the app will only recognize one bridge when you are adding devices.

Interesting side note… I have my bridge connected to the only Pan Cam I own. I tried to move it to one of my V1 or V2 cameras and it would never “forget” it was connected to the Pan Cam. I worked with support for the longest time and they couldn’t figure it out… every camera I tried was up to date but none of them would recognize the bridge and the bridge never would forget the Pan Cam. I eventually just had to go back to the Pan Cam and live with it…
Guess my next step is to get my spare Wyze Plug set up to power cycle the camera every day at midnight…
“What a long strange trip it’s been!”

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When I first set them up I had no issue seeing both. I’m going to reset both and see what comes of that. 5 devices though to reconnect. Sigh.

At least I had not setup the other 6 yet…

Today’s update… My delayed no motion detected Alexa routine is still working even after changing the timeout, remotely restarting, and physically unplugging/plugging-in the power. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed on my end which would seem to point to soemthing with the Alexa and Wyze clouds. As a reminder, I have done a disconnect of Wyze Skill within Alexa several days ago (probably did it a couple times), but it was still not working correctly afterwards. The routine just started spontaneously working correctly yesterday.

Removed bridge reinstalled Camera firmware, reinstalled bride. 12 hrs and it is still working.

But that is way more than anyone should have to do.

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It’s definitely way more than anyone should have to do.

I disabled my timer after your earlier post and so far my routine is working normally.

Hopefully your routine is still working. Let’s see if this time the routine will not fail again. Doubt it though. But if it does fail again, at least I know that I can just use my Wyze plug until that stops working :joy:

Something like that actually happened to me a while ago. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I ultimately reset my Cam pan to factory settings and that allowed me to pair the bride to one of my V2s.

After all that, I wound up putting the bridge back into my old pan cam because the bridge would make my V2 heat up.

Oh yeah, it’s been a really loooong trip getting this s**t to work. At least a month now. :triumph:

24 hrs and still working,

UPDATE: 26 hrs and its back to not executing routine when motion stops… unplugged camera and plugged it back in it works again,

UPDATE : 26 hrs and its back to not executing routine when motion stops… unplugged camera and plugged it back in it works again,

mine stopped yesterday after just over a day of working perfectly. I had planned to go through all the steps again but haven’t found the time yet. I had my Pan Cam on a reboot schedule of every 4 hours so I can rule that out now as helpful.

Seems like it quits after 24 hrs so I set up a schedule to reboot the cam every 24 hrs. Once rebooted it works.

Are all of you checking rules history in the app ?

I have one cam pan that doesn’t work on scheduled reboot I need to do a hard reboot to that cam.

I am not using any Wyze in-app automations. But usage of such might be a good option for automatically restarting camera (if such is helpful). However, as indicated by Superdeleted, their 4 hour rebooting is not helpful.

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The only thing that successfully helped me was physically power cycling the cam with the bridge at least once a day.

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Today’s update… I believe I am on day 3 or 4 of my Alexa-based delayed no motion detected routine working even with reboots and changes to the delay timing. Do I trust it is fixed? No, I’m just lucky for the time-being (especially with others still having the same issue). I don’t believe I have done anything different than others (i.e. physical restart, remove/re-add Wyze skill to alexa, setup new routine, etc.). Of course, such intervention should never be necessary as smart devices should be smart enough to auto-recover when there are cloud-based and/or other types of outages/failures.

This discussion thread is over a month old with no comments from Wyze personnel and more people joining the thread indicating the same and/or similar issues. It is technology-based and while things do happen, it is bad when a company doesn’t respond. I understand that this community thread may not be completely monitored, but it would be prudent of a company to do such to obtain unsolicited feedback, reports of issues, etc. If a vendor isn’t going to monitor and provide feedback/guidance, then why have a community thread?).

A couple years ago I returned several of my Wemo smart plugs to Costco (donated what I could not return) for continued outages that made routines stop working (a lot of wasted time trying to get something to work that obviously wasn’t going to ever work consistently). I once saw a woman start looking at Wemo smart plug inside a Costco and told her that the Wemo devices were problematic, difficult to set up (they may have improved that now), and had issues with working consistency. I also told her that Kasa smart plugs work much better, are easier to set up, and go on-sale on Amazon fairly often.

I recently had another smart appliance (air purifier) acting up where the Google/Alexa-based routines stopped working. I waiting a couple weeks to see if it would automatically get fixed (because I would like to think that smart device vendors have various alerts configured to notify them when something breaks or is misbehaving) and sent the vendor an email asking if they were aware of apparent issues with their Alexa and Google skill/integrations. They indicated they were not and said they were going to look into it and get back to me. I waited a couple weeks and sent another email asking forma status. They replied shortly after I sent the 2nd email that the issue was just fixed and to try it again. I did have to reset things before they started working (waiting a little longer after being notify a fix was implemented may have made things work automatically).

My concern over the reliability of Wyze sensors (and perhaps other Wyze devices) is growing. Things that add convenience (i.e. a camera to notify and see a package at the front door, a notification that the freezer door was left open after 10 minutes, turning a light on/off when a door is opened/closed) maybe don’t require 99.999% uptime. However, things are very different if you live in a neighborhood with lots of porch pirates (people stealing delivered packages), have an entire freezer full of food thaw because the door was left opened accidentally, rely on technologies to enhance security/safety (i.e. lights, door locks, garage doors, etc.), etc. It is one thing to lose convenience when technologies fail, but it is another thing to lose security/safety because the technologies you have don’t consistently work.

I am still hoping that this issue can be resolved soon (less than another 30 days). If not, I will just have to assume that while Wyze devices offer convenience, they don’t have the reliability for security/safety applications and the convenience factors may periodically be intermittent.

Note: I recently started paying a monthly subscription for Wyze Camera person detection (more than the minimum suggested for all my cameras… I started with Wyze during a timeframe when they indicated that person detection would be free, but I do understand the recurring costs involved with doing person detection).