Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?

The lack of feedback from Wyze support is deafening.

The only feedback I have received from Wyze so far is “I’ll pass this info to our team but don’t expect to hear anything back specifically on this ticket.”

Last night the Mrs. finally gave into her frustration and said to me, “OK get this useless junk out of my house!” :nauseated_face:

At what point to we pull the plug and jump ship ? My Zigbee PIR sensor was working fine for over 2yrs. The Wyze worked for 6mos and support makes no indication there is even a problem being worked on :man_shrugging:t3:

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My routine started working partially on Monday, but it still fails more than half the time.

I emailed support again asking if they had an update on the issue, but they said they were still working on it.

I’m about to buy a SmartThings motion sensor if this isn’t fixed by next week.

I don’t know how many others are facing this issue, but obviously not enough them to do anything about it.

So far today, my lights have been functioning normally and the routine to turn off my lights hasn’t failed.

Hopefully the maintenance they did yesterday squashed the bug causing the issue once and for all.

Does your off routine have a delay? I was hopeful that last night’s maintenance would resolve the delayed no motion routine issue, but it has not for me.

My off routine has a five minute delay. Maybe if you try recreating your routine again it might work for you.

Thanks. I did try and also did a reset of devices, but no go. It might take a couple days for any potential fix to trcikle out to all accounts.

Looks like my routine is failing Again!! I guess whatever maintenance they did Friday didn’t solve the issue.

In the middle of today, my delayed no motion detected Alexa routine started working without me doing anything specific to the Wyze Sense motion sensor or the Alexa routine. I tested it a handful of times with a 5-minute and a 15-minute delayed no motion detected action.

So now I supposed I need to either see some sort of post about what happened and when it was officially resolved. OR - I have to continue to monitor for the routine to break again which is not overly practical (particularly if the action is to turn something off when no motion is detected after 1 or more minutes… It could take awhile to notice things are not working correctly…).

i’ll be testing mine today to see…

I think my routine broke again today. I am on my third test, the first and second test both failed. I expect the third test to fail as well. I get that technology breaks sometimes, but with a handful of users opening tickets reporting the issue, it seems like some sort of outage status should be posted somewhere along where an potential ETA for resolution. The same routine with a ring motion sensor still functions. Amazon prime days are coming up and I am watching for a drop below the current $30 price for a ring motion dector (2nd generation).

Do you need any other ring devices to use the motion sensor?

My routine is working very sporadically. It will work for a few hours and just when I think this issue is fixed for good, it stops working.

I might have to look into the possibility of getting my wyze system to work locally using HomeAssistant. I know there isn’t any official support for it yet, but I’m tired of relying on cloud stuff.

Yes, you do need the main ring base alarm system to work with their other sensors. So, that becomes a fairly substantial investment if you only need motion sensors.

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As of this morning, it looks like my routines are working normally again.

At around 12:00 PM EDT, all my Wyze devices stopped communicating with Alexa. I kept getting a “device is unresponsive” message when checking any of my cameras or sensors in the Alexa app.

I suspected maybe they did something to the Alexa skill since it seems as though they like to do their maintenance on Fridays. So I once again disabled the Wyze skill and deleted my devices.

After relinking the skill and rediscovering my devices, everything started working as normal. I noticed that my Wyze plugs were responding a faster to Alexa commands than before.

So far, it’s been over 8 hours and I have been constantly triggering the sensor and I haven’t noticed it fail.

It looks like they finally fixed the issue for good thins time. Fingers crossed.

Hope this works for you guys if your still having trouble with your Alexa routines.

I will try to do more testing tomorrow including disabling/enabling the skill. The skill itself indicates it was last updated 6 months ago.

I noticed that too. They must have done backend work that may not necessarily require the skill itself to be updated.

I wish they would be more transparent at least let us know when they’re working on something that could affect our devices.

I am being cautiously optimistic, but after disabling my skill and re enabling it everything seems to be working.

Interesting thing is I have done that a couple of weeks ago as well.

Fingers crossed.

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I did some testing today. It removed the skill, deleted the motion sensor from Alexa, and then added the skill/device back. I created a new routine and the delayed no motion action weekend once and did not work after that. I reiterated the steps and it continue to not work. I will try again later into next week.

I believe that the reason it worked for you this time around is that they probably changed something in the Alexa integration yesterday and relinking your account likely reset the skill or something to that effect.

@isignedup One other thing I didn’t see mentioned that sometimes helps me with sensors issues is, unplugging the bridge, rebooting the cam and plugging it back in.

I don’t know if it will work for you, but might be worth a shot.

Thanks @rodaimi!

I think I previously had remotely restarted the camera during prior testing. If I remember correctly, I had to physically power the device off and on again (unplug/replug the power for a full reboot) before it helped make routines function again. So, I did that again and that seems to have allowed my delayed no motion detected Alexa routine to start working again. Based on that, it seems that unplugging the camera with the bridge from power and replugging it back in is the 1st thing that should be done when troubleshooting issues with Wyze Sense Alexa routines.

Another notes:
1)I have the Wyze camera with the bridge connected to a UPS. A Wyze Base station (for wireless Wyze outdoor camera), modem, and router also connected to the UPS. Such setup allows for some WiFi functionality in case of power failure (i.e. I can get to my Ring alarm/sensors, Wyze Outdoor camera, etc. locally/remotely).
2) I signed up for the Wyze Beta software program which utilizes iOS Test Flight for beta app versions of Wyze. I believe after doing such, I got a firmware update for my Wyze Base station (for Wyze Outdoor camera). I might have also received newer beta version firmware updates for my cameras as the versions I have are newer than the “What’s new” notes. But things were not working prior to all of that anyways and it may be that I have to do a complete power reset when new firmware updates are applied (if so, that might be a bug and something I will now try to pay attention to).

My no motion detected routine has worked 5 times in a row now including changing the no motion trigger time from 5 to 10 minutes.