Wyze Sense Adhesive Replacement?

I had to experiment with my wyze contact sensors a couple times when trying to make them work with my garage door and now the adhesive backings on both of them main contact sensors aren’t staying in place. I noticed after a couple replacements that the adhesive was losing its stickiness, are there any suggestions on how to fix this? Are we able to buy replacement adhesive pads? Right now, I just have the contact sensors laying on my work bench because I don’t want them to fall off and break on the concrete floor.


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At this time, Wyze doesn’t have replacement adhesive pads. I have no experience with the included pads, because I have always used 3M Command Strips to place my sensors.


Yeah, one of my sensors is down for the count right now. I thought I prepped the surface good enough, but it’s a dirty garage. Replacement adhesive would be nice, but since that’s not available, I’ll likely go the 3M route.

I used hot glue to attach to my garage door opener. This is after the sensor fell off and bounced on the concrete floor - twice.

Like a Timex, takes a licking and keeps on watching my garage door (aka ticking).


yeah, my door sensors keep falling off for no reason. I don’t think the existing adhesive pads were all that great to begin with.

Do you remove the adhesive it ships with before using the 3M ones? and which 3M strips to you use since these are quite small. I’m looking for alternatives to the adhesive they shipped with.

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No, I have been applying the strips to the reverse side of the contact sensors. I have yet to stick a motion sensor to anything because I like to be able to move it freely.

Before I apply a Command Strip … I peel off the “factory” sticky stuff down to a bare sensor or motion detector. It peels off easily.

Thank you for the input! Got some Extreme Mounting tape from Target and so far they have worked perfectly!

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Been using 3M Command general purpose 3lb strips, cut lengthwise in half for the magnetic part of the contact sensors. 3 of the adhesive backings from Wyze failed. Within about 2 weeks, but 3M holding strong.

Replaced my contact pads with 3M which is what comes with other devices. Just had to cut them to size.

3M Command strips.
I rip off the current adhesive right away, and then put the Command strip on in place of it.
Works incredibly well, and since the 3M Command strips have the velcro stuff on it, it sticks out far enough to be exactly like the original, so there are no issues with transmission/reception either.