Wyze Selling KN95 Masks

I did get an email thanking me for my order and it did say my order will ship in 1 to 2 days .
I am still waiting, and I agree thst no one answered my question at WYZE …just here in the forum.

Think I’ll order ANYTHING from them again ? Humm

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I also ordered the N95 masks 2 10 packs on 5/1 and asked for a status check yesterday.
I just received a response advising that they are not available and don’t know when they will be available. They included a link to complete a request to cancel my order and request a refund.
Wonder when I would have been notified if I did not ask.
Sorry Wyze I love your products and what you are trying to do but this leaves me a little concerned in paying for service PRIOR to your being able to complete the order…
I would still like the masks that have been paid for.

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The reason you are charged for them at the time of order instead of the time of shipment is due to the fact of WYZE not storing the card information.


Thank you for your response, then the question remains if I had not followed up when would the customer be notified of the supply issue?
Please don’t get me wrong I am a huge Wyze supporter and have recommended them many times and purchased many products from them and will continue to do so just wish customer service was better as I am an account owner so they have my contact info.
Please stay safe

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That is better answered by a WYZE employee when they respond to the threads I provided them

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Thank you.


Not happy how Wyze has handled selling masks, so I cancelled my orders. But it looks like they charged me twice on one of my orders, now I have to try and get that straightened out. I wish Wyze would not sell things they don’t actually have in stock or at least tell customers from the start that the orders may take a while to get.

We’re sorry for the stock issues, everyone. I’ve shared this feedback with the team and we’re going to be more proactive with emailing people. Everyone whose order is delayed has been sent an email about it with the offer to cancel their order.

We know that this has not been the best experience and we are discussing the feedback you all have been sending in and how to improve.


Is my order delayed? I have not received such an email is why I ask.


I received an email after placing a support ticket which assisted in the formation of Gwendolyns response.
I placed my order on 5/1/2020 and it is now showing in pick_pack status.
I believe they are actually preparing for shipment.
Normally Wyze is very good with orders however I am sure with the current pandemic they were slammed with orders.
I appreciate their offering these supplies to us.
I ordered the regular masks and received them very timely.

I ordered my KN95 masks on May 3rd, just wondering how much longer before they’re sent to me?

Ive been waiting since 4-21-2020

It seems to me that Wyze does store the card information for a period of time. On a recent return of products to Wyze, they processed a credit to my credit card without asking me for the number used on order placement.

My order of ten KN95 masks #002393770 was to arrive within 4-7 days, I did not receive the email you mentioned. When can I expect to receive my shipment? The order was placed May 7.

I heard the US Government was taking PPE orders at customs for some businesses that ordered them, hope that doesn’t happen in our case. But I really wish Wyze actually had the KN95 masks on hand before selling them. I don’t like it when a company takes my money and then I have to wait weeks even months, it just rubs me the wrong way. I only ordered them from Wyze because it wasn’t going to take so long to get them.

I jumped on the responsible ones as soon as I could 4/21 got them in 22days.
Ordered the KN95 on 4/30 so now I’m ooking at about 5/23.

Though it was going to be sooner but it is want it is …just hope I get them !
IDK if Wyze fix the shipping speed …yet ?

It shouldn’t be an “is what it is” scenario. Wyze should have been more transparent from the start or secured a supply prior to selling them.


Hard to say exactly what happen on their end, something hit the ceiling though ?
Hum … maybe they did have a bulk stock supply but sold out so fast…their system couldn’t keep up with the over sale …

Wish they would stay away from Fedx Smartslow Post though if they haven’t already ?

Is what and how they run their company and will pay for their fortune and fame …

I am sorry people are still experiencing issues, I will get Gwendolyn to check on any issues that are not corrected yet

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