Wyze Security System - impression

Just got my Wyze security system. It looks good but the door sensors, motion detector, and keypad all use batteries. I’m not seeing a spot for a user to open these devices up and replace the batteries. What is your plan for the future? Batteries don’t last forever and I’m not going to the trouble of installing this without knowing how to do maintenance on battery life.

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Hi @schultg and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
YouTube usu has details after its been on the market for awhile.
Usually pealing back the outside edge of a bumper foot will reveal screw.

Keypad: Look at the back side and you’ll see a long depression in the rear cover. Put your thumb or finger in the depression and lightly slide the cover down… it comes right off. Replace the batteries and slide the cover back on.

Motion Sensor v2: Your motion sensor will hopefully be attached 7’ up on your wall by the time you need to replace the batteries. Leave it attached to the wall and gently slide the front up and it comes right off. Replace the batteries and slide the motion sensor down onto the still-attached-to-your-wall backplate.

Entry Sensor v2: You’ll see a rectangular slot/cutout on one end of your entry sensor. Stick a flat-blade screwdriver or small coin in the slot, gently twist (don’t pry) and it will pop in half. Note the orientation of your two halves… they only fit back together one way. The white rectangle inside the back mounting plate needs to be aligned to the battery. Replace the battery and snap the sensor back onto the rear mounting plate.