Wyze Scale

Honestly, I’m just curious to see what this gets tagged as after I put it up. (maybe-later, researching, in-development?) It’s not necessarily my personal wish or idea, but apparently it seems to be coming, (maybe?) and the only thread about it seems to be in the beta forum. So it seemed like it deserved a proper thread here.

There are already a decent number of smart scales available for less than $50.00. Might be interesting if they try to get into this market but health is a much different market.

I agree. It’s not a product I would have come up with as something that seems natural for them to tackle. But perhaps, if they’re planning a larger product line expansion into wearables or something, it might make sense as something that will complement other products we haven’t seen yet.

For reference, if anyone is confused, there were some tech blogs that posted some FCC filings in July that seem to indicate this product is at least in some stage of development. I’m not sure what Wyze’s product development process looks like, so I don’t know whether it means it’s a product we’ll actually see or not. But the coverage on the forum has been basically nil, so I was curious.

Would much prefer smartthings integration, outdoor lights, anything over a scale. Many options already available.


IF this is real - whats next a personal identification unit? No wait that already exists, its called a mirror. Makes as much sense as a scale.

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This is something we’ve had in the works for quite a while and is now in beta testing. Don’t worry, the outdoor camera takes precedence and is our top priority product. :slight_smile:

We create products and features based on requests from our customers (like RTSP though we knew most customers would not use it). But we also create products and features that we believe will increase the overall value and experience with our brand for our customers.

We are confident the scale will expand the Wyze ecosystem into personal care and we needed to start somewhere. We chose this product because we have a great opportunity with a partner to launch at a market-leading price point. This will be our next step into a fully connected home.

Wyze Scale isn’t pulling any resources from other products. The outdoor camera has a separate team and we have focused max resources on requested products.

Wyze is a smart home company and not just a camera company. There are many aspects of people’s lives that can be improved by affordable smart technology that can be controlled through one app and we are excited to begin branching out.


Nice! Good to see the scale being acknowledged, and good to see it’s in testing. I’m glad you addressed some of the things people would most likely complain about :grin:


Cool. When I read about it, I saw that the hardware is similar to an Xiaomi product, so I figured that was the case – bassed on an existing product, so it’s easy enough for you guys to implement. I’ll be interested to see how it ties into the larger Wyze ecosystem. :slight_smile:

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I will definitely get one of this!

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@WyzeGwendolyn I can’t weight to take my weight on an accurate Wyze Scale. … at least that’s what my doctor and wife say.

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Hopefully this scale has Apple Health and Google Health (or whatever they call their app) integration.

My current smart scale has integration with these apps and it will calculate my BMI, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, and water weight. It also supports 8 users. It transmits all this information to each user’s phone via Bluetooth. I paid $50 for it three years ago.


We’ll give more information about this during the Wyzies tomorrow. I can honestly say that I really enjoy my scale and I never thought I would ever say that about such a product! :slight_smile:


Sounds exciting

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I definitely think so! :smiley:

Can we make our smart devices punish us if we don’t hit a target weight? Smart Plug refuses to turn the TV on? Bulbs force us to live in total darkness?


:rofl: :laughing:

That might be an added feature later on. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I for one am looking forward to the scale. Thanks Wyze for expanding into other aspects of this high tech world we live in.


You’re welcome! We are happy to hear it. :slight_smile:


Are there plans to make it compatible with Apple’s HomeKit? It would be great to have the data go straight into the iOS Health app.