Wyze scale wrong weight err1 won't recalibrate

The Wyze scale shows my weight to be 100 lb lower than every other scale. It will not take any measurement other than weight. The instructions say to re-calibrate it, step off until it goes back to 0 then step back on. It never goes to 0. It gives err1 (Weight out of range) when I step off. It gets stuck in a loop constantly trying to weigh or re-calibrate and will not work. It has been this way since I bought it. Customer support and returns only gives a message that they are too busy. I would like to resolve this. Preferably with something I can do to fix the current scale, but if not I need to exchange it, but the website will not let me initiate a return or talk to support because they are too busy.

It has been this way since I bought it.

@glen.bland.81 Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your scale. Have you tried removing the batteries and reinstalling? Also do you have your support ticket number from the email?

@WyzeAlex Any recommendations?


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I removed the batteries and put them back in a few times with the same result each time.

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