Wyze Scale will not turn on

Scale worked great for 1 week, now won’t turn on when stepping on it. Checked batteries, displays 0.0lbs for a few seconds then blacks out. Bluetooth shows connected in Wyze app. Support ticket #545553 submitted 21 Apr
Unusable, Please help

The scale is designed to turn off if no one is standing on it. When you say it shows 0.0 are you standing on it bare foot at that point?

Display only shows immediately after inserting batteries, then blanks out and nothing shows when stepping on it.

It sounds like your scale is failing. Call CS tomorrow. Wyze does not monitor these forums. So, the other users will only be able to offer ideas and suggestions.

I agree with @mvb sure sounds like the scale has an issue. I know support seems to be swamped at the moment but give them a try on Monday. Remember they are on PST.

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