Wyze Scale Sharing

Just setup the scale…so easy, however, I can’t figure out how to let my wife use it and track her data. We only have my account, and it seems she has to have an account to use it. All the other devices are under my account, so if she creates and account, won’t she lose control of the devices under my account. Also she really doesn’t want me seeing her data…so how do I make this work.

Haha, I have exactly the same situation. Look forward to information about this.

Also: How about a “guest” mode for one time users,

What you will need to do is create an account for her and share the scale and any other devices you want her to be able to use. With the accounts separate you will not be able to see her data.


You can go into the settings of the scale and add members. I was able to add my wife and it logs her data, but you will be able to see it. The problem I have is the scale wont show up on her phone under my account. Haven’t figured that out yet.

I just set mine up today. Once I share the scale with my wife (which we already had separate accounts) she can’t connect to the scale. It states that only one device at a time can connect at once. Even with my phone turned off.

I’ve looked at all the different information online (that I could find) with no info on how to set this up correctly to share.

Everything states that it can be done, but no where on how… I hope someone can figure it out or more information becomes available…

I did create an user under the scale section, but only I can see them both (and my wife does not like that lol) so that just won’t work for us. I hope someone figures it out soon.

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Same issue here, because the sharing of the cameras is limited functionality, we both use my account. So, I added the scale to mine and the scale shows up on her phone with her settings.

The camera sharing needs to be better or there needs to be a way for two people on the same account to use the scale.

My wife created an account and I shared the scale with her. When she’s connected, and I steps on the weigh, the scale thinks it is her (our weights maybe within 10 lbs). How do we deal with this issue? I had to ask her to kill the wyze app on her phone, and then I connect w/ my phone. That’s less than desirable.

My problem is similar. I have one account and it allows me to click add member but the next button is always grayed out. I can never get past that. The main user/member works perfectly. Is it a requirement to have another wyze account for this to work?

Are you able to manage 2 users on one device without signing out? I have not been able to figure this out. Is there an Add that is different than Share?

To add a person as a user on the scale (without them needing to login to the app themselves or if you both share the same account):

Tap the scale in your device list
Press the settings at the top right
Press Users
Press Add member
Enter their name, Genger, Year of Birth, Height and select the athlete mode (note that you have to select No for the athlete mode if you do not want it (Not set isn’t accepted)
Then have them step on the scale and it will learn their measurements

When you have more than one member, on the scale page there is a little profile logo at the top (has the picture of the person if you saved one), click that to change between users and see each persons info.


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Hi, I read all the comments on sharing the Wyze scale but can’t figure out the answer. I set up the Wyze account originally and added new items as we bought them. I did not know how ( I still don’t know how ) to set up a separate account for my husband. I just had him use my email and password to sign into the account. When I added the Wyze scale on my phone I did not realize that it automatically added all my weight info to my husbands phone. I planned to be the only user of the scale ( husband has an ICD and does not want to use this for that reason). Can anyone point me to information on how to set up 2 accounts, 1 with the scale the other without?
BTW, I love the look and functionality of the scale, it’s really sleek look sold me on it. I also like that it is low to the floor, my other scale is elevated a bit more and it is awkward to step onto, this is the perfect height. I temporarily deleted the scale from my phone until I can figure out how to make it private.

To set up a second account you just have to download the Wyze app or log out of it and make a new account to log in with. Then you can add devices to that account or share them from the original one.

This is really bothering me, has anyone get an idea how to deal with this?

I shared my scale with my wife, who has her own account. So after she uses the scale, the scale is connected to her phone. When I steps on the scale, it thinks I am her… I thought the scale is supposed to automatically detect based on weight and other data to determine who it is, not true?

I would like to know how i can share all profiles from the primary users of the scale to other shares devices. My wife has me and the kids on her app. i only have my weight.

I’m having same issue. Thr scale adds my wife’s data to my account even though she has her own account and her user within mine.

We’re within 10 lbs of each other and it days) says we’re too close in weight…

Really? How am i going to fluctuate in weight that much every few days?

The sharing is horrible. And not a single response from wyze about this?

I opened a ticket and got some suggestions from the support team. One is that you can delete the wrong data in the app. That’s a workaround, but would be nice long term it could be more intelligent to tell one user from another…

Actually once the scale has a measurement from my kid (90 lbs) grouped under my name (150 lbs). I have no idea how that happens.

I have the same issue and it just started in the last 10 days. There is about 50 pounds difference between my wife and myself. I submitted Logs to the Wyze blackhole of support. And just like always no responce.