Wyze Scale Question

First sorry for yet another question but does the app that we connect the scale to record all weigh ins? If say I could weigh my cat does it show that I have lost 150 lbs? Or can I just move the scale out of bluetooth range to weigh. Sorry if this is a stupid question but was wondering. Thanks.

The scale has a minimum weight limit (11 pounds). There is a “guest mode” but I don’t know how it works. I suggest you check out the FAQ section of the scale. https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002604871-Wyze-Scale

To answer your question directly: it would assume someone else is on the scale and not record it under your name. That is how it can tell when someone else in your house uses the scale, The downside is if 2 people weigh about the same, it can get confused.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. It doesn’t look like it would weigh a pet though. I forgot about the bare feet thing

The bare feet requirement is not for weight. It only comes into play for the other measurements like body fat and heart rate that would not be usable for a pet. As long as the pet exceeds the minimum weight and can stay still it should work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I’ll test it out with Treasure as he’s a bit more adventurous. I really don’t think Sopdet is even 9 pounds though which is where the trouble lies. I really can not hold her as she’s not that kind of cat. Ugh I got rid of the old digital scale a couple months ago too. Plus wouldn’t I have to “share” to weigh her? I really don’t want my stats to show 150 lb weight loss. Does the scale even work and weigh if out of bluetooth range.

The only way I can see to do that is to create an email for each of the cats as I’ll most likely have to put 11 lbs of stuff on the scale first in order to weigh them and then subtract the 11 lbs, hence covering the display on the scale and have to go by the app read out.

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You do not need to share the scale to weigh something like a pet or anything else. I just placed my 19 lb dog on my scale and it registered his weight without issue.

The hard part was getting him to stay on the scale and sit still. I failed. :upside_down_face: But, I did get a weight none the less. When I opened the app, that weight did not get pulled into my stats. It looks like it just ignores it,

The scale does not need your phone to be anywhere near to work. It is basically just a digital scale.

So let me ask, what can I put on the scale to initally equal 11 lbs without breaking the scale? I have a 10 lb hand weight plus a one pound but it all covers the display. Which is why I’m think I need to create an account for her. I know there is no way she weighs the minimum weight so I would most likely have to create an email and account for her so I can read the weight on the app.

If your plan is to track her weight in the app, then you are correct, an email account and maybe a Wyze account would need to be created. I have reached the end of my knowledge of sharing Wyze devices. I have never done it, so I can’t help with that.

I know other people have requested a “pet mode”. Don’t know it’s status. You might want to check the Wyze Wish List. There may already be something there. If not, go ahead and add it. I know Wyze reads that list and will categorize most items.

If you do create accounts. you could place a box with a known amount of weight and then add the cat to the box. You won’t be able to read the scale directly, but after 10 seconds you can remove everything from the scale and open the app. In theory, it should pull the data from the scale and then you just need to subtract the “base weight” from the listed weight and you’ll have the cat weight.


Thank you. You helped me a lot though. I appreciate your input :slight_smile:


I weighed my cat the other day using the Wyze scale by holding him to stepping on the scale, then weighing myself without holding him.

I just then subtracted the weights to get his. I didn’t have my phone on me and when I opened the app and scale to sync the data, only my weight without him was there. His weight plus mine was too large of a jump so it didn’t think it was me…which is good thing. I mean he is 17 lbs so that is a pretty big jump for only a few hours since my previous weight data point.

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If for some reason, you record a weight that isn’t yours and you want to delete it from your record, you can delete entries here: Wyze app home > Scale > tap in the “Trend (lb)” section > tap the menu icon (3 lines) in the upper right > tap Edit in the upper right > select the radio button on the left of any entries you wish to delete > tap Delete in the lower right > Confirm Delete > Tap “Done” in upper right.

Cats are very sensitive to electrical and electromagnetic fields. I’d be worried that if the scale attempts to read your cat’s body composition, your cat will never get near your scale again. When I weigh my tabby lap cat, I switch the scale to read only weight (he weighs 21lbs). You can switch back and forth here: Wyze app home > Scale > Settings (gear icon in upper right) > Users (you) > you again > Only Measure Weight > Confirm Yes

And then there’s the you ain’t touching me cat. She loves sleeping in her little travel cage. I just open the door and she walks in. But try to pick her up or catch her and she’ll draw blood. :confused: I just weigh her cage (you only have to do this once), coax her in, close the door, weigh her in the cage and subtract the 1st result from the 2nd. The vet does the same.


There’s a wishlist item for this… But not many votes…so it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

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The scale must have realized it was not Thanksgiving and ignored the reading. :innocent:

Hard plastic pet carriers should weigh enough to use with the lightest cat. Problem solved…


Well no.
I have a user account for me and my wife. I am 180 and she is 135. When either of us gets on scale it just records the weight towhichever account was last used. It is not smart that way.

Share Wyze Scale with everyone in the family. Wyze Scale automatically recognizes and syncs data for up to eight unique users and can take one-off measurements for an unlimited number of guests.

Thx for the answer, but it doesn’t work.

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Then I suggest giving CS a call. It should be able to deal with that. I’m sorry I can’t offer more help. I am the only person using my scale.

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