Wyze Scale: Pet Weight Calculation

Not sure how many people would find it useful, but I have a potential idea for the scale to help weigh pets. Currently I have to use a standard scale to weigh them now which requires me to first weigh myself, then pick up the animal and and weigh again, then calculate the delta. Then enter that pet weight on a tracking spreadsheet.

It would be great if Wyze built this into the Scale as a feature. It would still require doing separate weights (w and w/o the pet) but would do the math and log the history.

Otherwise I cannot use the Wyze Scale to do the weights as the scale would either log the combined weight as a new user or think I gained a lot of weight. If I were to intentionally setup the combined weight as a new user, that still wouldn’t provide the delta and therefore not be a reliable indicator of the pet-only weight.

Just a thought…

I’ve been doing what you talked about at first with my dog. Weight myself and then holding my dog. It works but not convenient as you said. I just go in and delete the times with my dog.

Terrific idea. I stand on the scale holding boxes to get the weight for UPS and FedEx. Same concept. But I turn the app off so it is not recorded.

Great idea! Yes!

Any chance for a update that would allow a pet mode on the scale?? other than recording it on paper after you subtract your weight hard to keep track of. Because my weight changes also. It would be nice if you could enter “pet mode” and then it asks for you to step on then off then step on holding pet and then it gives and records your pets weight minus the first weight. Would be cool and you could almost market it as more than just pets. Anything you need to hold and can’t stand on it it’s self. Baby maybe


Guess this one is a no?

Awesome idea… and I did this myself, also, when I was needing to know my cat’s weight did correct medicine dosage. “Pet mode” would be spectacular!!!