Wyze Scale - 'Only weight was measured' Error Message

I’ve been using the Wyze Scale successfully to get weight, BMI, & pulse, but I occasionally get this ‘Only weight was measured’ error message! IMG_7643.PNG|315x499

I was barefoot, I made sure my feet, ankles, & knees were not touching, and I made sure the surface was clean. However, I still had the issue.

Note #1 says ‘Dry feet might affect measurement’. I took this to mean I should make sure I had dry feet, and I did, but I couldn’t get it to work. I tried adding some water to my feet and then it worked. So does #1 mean you should not have dry feet to get the BMI & pulse measurements and you should dampen your feet? If so, maybe a clearer message here would be appropriate as I asked my wife and she also assumed it meant I needed dry feet.


If your feet are to dry the bio-electrical impedance it uses to measure those items sometimes will not get through the skin properly. I have run into this at times and just adding the tiniest bit of water makes it work.

I will see if I can mention to WYZE that they should reword this portion to make it more clear that it will not work if feet are to dry.

Thanks. Makes sense.