Wyze Scale New Features - Connect to Apps


Is there any work done to have Wyze Scale data sync with other apps such as Garmin Connect, Google Fit, or MyFitness?

I have a Garmin and it would be nice to have all my weight and bioinformation generated tracked over time in one app. I don’t like having to look at 2 apps to see how my workouts and weight metrics move together.


Thank you


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  • Google fit

  • Fitbit

  • Samsung Health

support coming soon so says the web site


Cool! Several people on here were interested in exactly those. I admit to being surprised by Fitbit, but nicely surprised! :grinning:

First scale i received had no luck with getting it to connect with any of our phones or devices. Hate to say defective, or just received a bad one in the lot. Replacement came, almost instantly connected. Kids want to use it more. Actually considering getting another one for a different usage. Place the scale underneath a small ditch under the front door and cover with a doormat. Upon detection of weight with send a notification to our Alexa/Amazon notifying us someone is at the door. Can be used for packages as well.

My other practical joke method would be to put it in the kitchen under the mat and whenever anyone stands on the mat for the refridgertor, depending on the weight it will have a custom response, or have a guestimate of who is going in the fridge. that one would work with the wyze sense we already use with the fridge.


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Any updates on scale to Fitbit?

The scale currently works with FitBit


When are they going to update the website to show that it does work with Fitbit? It currently states “Coming Soon”.

I will push this up the chain and get them to fix that, thank you for pointing it out.