Wyze Scale - Multiple weight readings in a MINUTE

Each time read a different weight.
How is it possible ?


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This is not unique to the Wyze Scale. I have another digital scale (not a “smart” one) that can do that too.

Standing in slightly different spots on the scale does this. Even if you lean forward or back will give different readings. (I actually use this to my advantage to get the lowest possible weight. And yes, I know I’m “cheating.” But, hey, if it keeps me motivated, who cares.)

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You’d think by now the technology wouldn’t require a person to stand dead center on a scale for an accurate reading.

If you find one let me know? Even old mechanical scales are subject to the issue. Including the one at my Dr’s office. :grinning:

Your weight is measured by sensors measuring deflection/compression. As your weight shifts due to location or just swaying your body the measurements will reflect the change.

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It’s absurd !! How can be normal that scale reading 10 differences weight (between 90.4kg to 99.6kg) for the same person in the same place in a range of 2 minutes ?

I guess it’s just one of those absurd facts of life :grinning:.

I have a digital scale that “cheats”-- it returns the same value if you get on and off, even if you grabbed a two pound weight in the mean time. After a while or the weight changes a lot, it will change what it returns.

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