Wyze Scale Intermittent and no historical readings for 11 of the metrics

Just received my Wyze Scale and I seem to always get reading on weight and BMI but sometimes don’t get readings on the other metrics: Body Fat % (BFP), Muscle Mass %, etc.

Also I don’t see anyway to see historical readings on these other metrics. For example I got a reading on April 16 on BFP but no reading on April 17. When I go to the app to I see my reading for BFP as – and there seems to be no way to see what the reading was for April 16.

Two questions: Why is capturing the results for these other metrics so intermittent? Why can’t I (or how can I) see historical readings for these other metrics?

Hello @amorris101 and welcome to the community.

To access historical readings, go to the scale in the app, click on the graph in the middle of the screen, this will take you to a page with 2 graphs, click on the hamburger menu in the upper right and you will go into the historical readings. You can then click on any reading to see the full list from that weigh in.


When I click on the graph I get dumped out of the Wyze app. This is the case on both my iPhone and iPad.

I don’t get dumped out of the Wyze app when I click on the metrics above or the heart rate below the trend graph.

With that issue i would turn in a support ticket because that is definitely not how the app should be working.

Well I think I figured it out. When you get no readings on the other 12 metrics (BMI, BFP, etc.) then the app dumps out when I click on the graph. If I do get readings on those metrics and click on the graph then it works as presumably designed and I am able to get trend and history info. One thing I don’t like is that for the 12 metrics history is by the day and not by the metric so, for example, I get history for all metrics on April 16 and then I go to another screen and get history for all metrics for April 15, etc. But I can’t go to BFP and see the history over time of BFP readings.

However, the biggest problem is that the scale rarely acquires readings on the 12 metrics unless I wet the bottom of my feet first. This means for me I either go to the sink and cup some water in one of my hands and apply that water to the bottom of my feet, keep a bucket of water next to the scale to get the bottom of my feet wet or weigh myself only after taking a shower. None of these are tenable solutions for me. I live in Denver - it’s a very dry climate. This scale will only be used for weight. Very disappointing.

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Thanks, I was having a similar issue and this answered my base question.

However I do wish that all metrics were viewable on a graph like weight is. It would be far easier to see trends and track the data.

I agree…or atleast see the previous ones like heartrate.


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I just opened my new scale, and am disappointed because that it doesn’t display accurate readings with regards to weight, it reads 59.5 lbs. And, although I see the BMI under history, it doesn’t read any other measurements. It would also be nice to have a chart which tells you what a BMI reading mean.

Please advise.