Wyze Scale doing weight only?

Is there a reason the scale will only take my weight and not do my body fat percentage? Is there a limit that will not allow the scale to take additional measurements? I put my data in (age, height, etc) and I swear I thought a dialog popped up saying it could only take my weight. Why is that and how can I change it?

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I would recommend checking out the Scale support pages. Below is an example. :slight_smile:

When I go into my User and change it to not measure weight only, I get this dialog.

So, again, are there limits that the scale has that will not allow someone to measure bodyfat???

Hmmmm, I’m going to have to test that when I get home. You could contact support in the meantime. Unless of course another forum member would like to chime in.

That is the warning that pops up if one or more of the inputs like Age, height, sex is missing or out of range. Or you answered yes to a pacemaker.


@menerso, is it possible you selected one of the options to “Only Measure Weight” or “Only Measure with App Open”? Or did you say “yes” to the question about having a pacemaker?

You can check those settings by going into the Scale User screen. To make changes, you will need to be connected to the scale.

Hope this helps.


I figured it out. Seems to be a bug. I set my height as 6’ 1", but I notice before that it said 2’ 5" or something ridiculous like that. So I changed it. … and yes I clicked the Save button.
Now after all of this, I went back and checked and my height was 2’ 5" again. I changed it to 6’ 1" and saved again… then immediately turned off Weight Only and I was able to change it.

So, anyone under 2 and half feet tall will not be able to measure body fat I guess.

Made me laugh, I was trying to figure what someone would look like at 250 lbs and 2’ 5". :slight_smile:


Mine will only show body fat after I come out of the shower with damp feet. If I try it before I go in the shower no body fat reading.

It needs a little moisture, dry feet especially with callus, won’t allow signal propagation.

Yep…that’s the case

Is there a work around for amputees? I cannot get the pulse measurements having only one real foot on the scale…

A little inconvenient, but it is possible to get the pulse measurements through your hands.

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