Wyze Scale difficulties adding device to app (Android)


Got my Wyze Scale and Wyze Band in the mail today. Already have three Wyze Cams which I’m very satisfied with. Added the Wyze Band no problems.

When adding Wyze Scale, it connects to the scale, and the scale gives weight and % output on screen, but the app just says “–lb” measuring and nothing happens. I can’t go back in the app, and have to close the app.

Tried rebooting phone. Tried on/off bluetooth.

When restarting app I have to start all over. Bottom line, I can’t finish wyze scale setup.

Any clues?

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Its the same for me… I have a Huawei with Android… Please help


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@frederic @josegimenez92

Can you submit a feedback log and let me know th 4 digit code? You will need to go to Account tab > Help & feedback > submit a log at the bottom > Wyze app and service and then choose other. Write scale can’t install on the description.

Please tag me with the 4 digit feed back log.

Ticket 10251 @WyzeJonathan

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I managed to add the device, but whenever I try to access the scale, the app restarts after a short black screen.

@WyzeJonathan Ticket 11311

What is your android app version? Are you using the beta app? Do you still have trouble adding the device if you use public release app?

((((RESOLVED))) I haven’t checked my app and scale since the 5th of may and guess what the scale is not connected to the Beta app. Not sure if its a beta app issue or the firm ware communicating to the app software issue, but I tried new batteries, old batteries, different birth year and height and even tried athlete mode to see if it would catch, Yeah all dumb stuff but I am a beta tester so I have to test even the most obvious stupidity on here and exhaust all my options. One thing about this scale I do not like is a reset pinhole button… I am sure there is a reset button inside the scale if I took it apart but then that will release the springs and mess up everything so I am not going to troubleshoot it myself by taking it apart. Can you please put a manual pairing button on this scale, also fix the buggy software to connect to my samsung S9+ through bluetooth. My bluetooth has no issues on my phone except for the scale. although I did get an update in april on the software with android so that must be the culprit. I updated the Wyze Beta app there is no way for me to have the regular Wyze android app and the Wyze Beta android app on my phone at the same time it forces me to download or to the already installed Wyze Beta app. I tried the updated app with the scale still no bluetooth connection, I tried looking under bluetooth connection in my phone and the Wyze scale does not show up at all as available. FYI I put the scale on Power saver mode before It lost connection… Could that be the issue? because it turns off fast after I use the scale?

(((Resolved))) after speaking with a representative he suggested for me to log off my account and restart my phone then log back into the app. It works now!

Android 8.0.0 on a Huawei Y7 2018… I tried both beta app and the public one… Still doesnt show my weight in the phone, just on the scale

Hi Jose, Try closing out the app and restart your phone. This fixed my problem… Just like any program in a regular computer a restart is required.

Tried that… And nothing