Wyze Scale and Samsung Health

No way I’m buying anything else from a company that promises something and doesn’t’ fulfill it. Why would I buy their next scale when the one I have doesn’t work as promised? As soon as I saw that, I said to myself “there goes any possible chance now of getting the one I have to work with Samsung”. Old tech isn’t going to get fixed, it just becomes obsolete.

We all know that Wyze is putting the blame on Samsung. So like others I have found a work around which isn’t too bad, its using Health Sync to move the weight from Google Fit to Samsung Health. My issue now is how come Wyze doesn’t send body fat percentage metrics to Google Fit? It only sends Weight. I have manually entered weight and body fat into Google Fit and Health Sync will transfer both those over to Samsung Health.
So Wyze since you “can’t do anything” to work with Samsung Health. Can you at least send some more info to Google Fit besides just weight. At least body fat percentage and anything else google can take from the Wyze scale.

I have been following posts like this since the release because, legitimately, the sole reason I bought this was because of the promised Samsung health integration. I have waited and waited but cannot wait any longer. Is Wyze offering any sort of refund at this point? I bought it basically at release and it sits in a corner because it doesn’t work in the way that I bought it for and has become a paperweight. I’m going to get a different smart scale because this is absolutely not what was advertised and not what I wanted.


We all know that Wyze is putting the blame on Samsung, and Samsung certainly deserves a large portion of that blame (I linked a thread on their forums if you want to go over there and rattle their cage, they also need to understand this issue is affecting their customers). However the Samsung program WAS still open to new developers when Wyze started this project, and Wyze was the one who dropped the ball not signing up before it was closed. Wyze is also 100% responsible for advertising Samsung Health on their website, something they could have fixed at any point.

Also, it looks like Samsung has re-opened the services now as Samsung Wear Health Services, back in January, so maybe Wyze no longer has the excuse that Samsung isn’t accepting new applications.

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Thanks for researching all that.

Honestly, I wouldn’t my breathe on Wyze adding Samsung Health integration at this point even though Samsung has reopened their developer options. In my opinion, Wyze has moved on and aside from possible firmware updates for stability issues, they don’t seem to add new features this late into a products life. They half- a$$ed the Alexa connection for the Robot Vacuum. No reason to think the so different here.

Samsung released the Health Connect Platform and API. They can use this to connect with Samsung Health

Not holding my breath for Wyze to do anything now. I had a few cameras before the scale and wasn’t overly happy with those, but you get what you pay for and Wyze has proven that. I haven’t bought any additional Wyze products since this scale foul up by them and I won’t in the future either. Regardless of Samsung closing off for new applications, Wyze is at fault. They should have had all their ducks in a row before advertising it.

Wyze is such a pathetic company.

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