Wyze Scale and Google Fit

This morning I was able to get the third party apps control to successfully connect to Google Fit. However, it doesn’t seem to be syncing the data at the moment.
Is there anything more that needs to be done?

@graham.fisher – What device OS and Wyze App version are you on?

Similar to @pbh1958, I am running Wyze 2.9.70 for Android. I don’t see any options for “Third Party Apps”. I am looking for options to get my data into Garmin Connect (and from there to Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah)

I’m on android version 2.10.34 (Alpha), it has the 3rd party apps option, and I’m now able to sign in to google fit, although it doesn’t appear to be actually syncing. To get on v2.10.x you need to sign up to be a beta tester. Check the app in the play store, there’s a link to go beta.

edit I take that back, looks like they removed it in this version, but it was there in 2.10.32

This morning my scale successfully synced with Google Fit. It seems that it only syncs current day data. It didn’t go back and sync my previous few days of data.

Yeah I just checked Google fit and it had 2 entries from Wyze

Hello everyone,

Wyze Scale Google Fit integration is now available on 2.10 app. You can download the Wyze 2.10 app today from your Google Playstore.



I just downloaded 2.10 app onto phone and added 3rd Party Support (Google Fit) to my Scale.
Overall it seems to work.
I started onto scale with shoes on and got a weight w/o body fat and no other calculated metrics onto the Wyze app. Then saw the weight in my Google Fit app. Then did the HR measurement on the scale, twice, and got the two HR readings (72, 78) info in Google Fit as a ‘range’ for the day.
A couple of notes on the privacy tickboxes that I had to select to enable the Google Fit support.

3 tick boxes. Seemed that I had to enable all three.
The 1st, related to nutrition, I tried to skip since that didn’t make much sense to me wrt HR, weight.
The 2nd was specific to HR, weight and seems fine.
The 3rd relates to activity and doesn’t seem to be Scale related either. I did accept it since I have a Wyze Band and that would be relevant in future perhaps.
Would appreciate being able to be selective with these permissions.

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Is there a timeline to add to Samsung Health?


Take a look at fitnesssyncer.com that is what I am using right now to overcome the lack of 3rd party connectivity between health ecosystems. Google Fit is slow to sync though (which is an issue on the Google’s side I believe). It will be better when they sync with Fitbit or Samsung Health and Google doen’t support all of the metrics it seems.

I am impressed by what I have seen in fitnesssyncer.com. I was able to pull data in from Google Fit without issue. My body composition (weight) data still didn’t make it over to MyFitnessPal, however… (Perhaps it needs a new day’s worth of data… I will wait and see.)

What I didn’t see in fitnesssyncer was a destination target for Garmin Connect. This is what I am after.

Unfortunately I don’t believe that you can write to Garmin. Garmin does not allow that. With GoogleFit I have noticed about a day delay sometimes for some reason.

I would love to see Samsung Health as well.

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Google Fit and Wyze Scale integration works as of a few releases ago on Android.

I gave up and started syncing to health kit with google fit and it’s available in Apple Health and Google Fit.

You can use IFTTT for free to get it to Fitbit or use Fitness Syncer to get it everywhere else.

Has anyone figured out a way of getting weight into Garmin Connect from the Wyze Scale?

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It integrates with Fitbit now without IFTTT

Just for Android. That has both Google fit and Fitbit.

iOS only has Apple Health/Healthkit Integration

Actually iOS has it for the scale as well.

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Thanks. Fitbit is indeed there.

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I don’t think it’s an option yet. It has been requested though.