Wyze Scale and Garmin Connect

Similar to how Wyze Scale integrates with Fitbit, I would love for it to connect to Garmin as well. I just got a Garmin Venu smartwatch and would love for my Wyze Scale to send my weight and other body metrics to the Garmin Connect app. Any possibility for this happening?

Using the Wyze v2.10 app on Android I have been successful in sending weight data to Google Fit. I am still struggling to get the data into Garmin Connect, however.

I had hoped I could accomplish this through the following chain: Wyze > Google Fit > MyFitnessPal > Garmin Connect.

  • Wyze to Google Fit data exchange is working.
  • MyFitnessPal to/from Garmin Connect exchange is not working.
  • Google Fit to MyFitnessPal exchange is not working.

This seems to be an issue others have been having with MyFitnessPal. https://community.fitbit.com/t5/Third-Party-Integrations/Fitbit-is-not-syncing-weight-to-MyFitnessPal/td-p/3305299#

I was hopeful that www.weemple.com or Health Sync (https://appyhapps.nl/) would solve the issue. Neither of these offerings support Google Fit as a source, however.

An option from Wyze to send data to MyFitnessPal (assuming MyFitnessPal isn’t too flakey) or partnering with the folks over at weemple.com to add Wyze Scale to their list of sources would be great. Even better… direct interface from Wyze to Garmin Connect straight from the Wyze app.

Thanks for putting up with my rambles. If any of you find a way to move Wyze weight data beyond Google Fit, let me know in a reply.

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I too would like Garmin integration. I don’t know if it’s possible or feasable. There are no other scales, except Garmin, that integrates into Garmin Connect.


I am also a Garmin person… have all my excerise data on Garmin Connect… i will purchase a scale as soon as it works with Garmin… maybe buy 2…


I second the request for Garmin support!


@irishjd. Merged your posts into the wishlist item. Don’t forget to vote!

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Another user wanting Garmin Connect integration.

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