WYZE rotate image NOT leaving with next app update?!?

I do not work for WYZE so I csnnot say why it got that far, my assumption would be it got that far due to the fact a lot of users issues with it NOT detecting motion were because the had it mounted upside down. It was never intended to be mounted that way that is why the mount attaches to the top and bottom.

I do not know of any company who runs things by the users before making changes, they started to make the change and when the warning came that the change was coming people voiced their opinions and WYZE listened, WYZE has a great trach record of listening to users in my opinion and that is why the feature is now staying.


That’s what alpha and beta programs are for. Hit a fraction of the users with new ideas and judge the feedback.
In this case WYZE dropped it in the public release of the app and made it look like the change was going to be implemented on all camera models.
I get the feeling that a lot of programming changes are a surprise to WYZE employees not just customers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! The 180 degree upside down mounting for the outdoor cam is perfect for my use case. I’m glad it is staying.

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Can you tell me why? Just curious.

We are spoiled though. I’ve been playing with another camera and the documentation, support, and community involvement are night and day different. Looks as if you can’t even get updated firmware without writing to the company.

That’s true. WYZE is open in some ways. Maybe too open. :blush:

I posted a photo on the Facebook Beta group, and in a discussion in the regular Facebook group. But the answer is that my car/driveway are in the top 2/3 of the frame, so the PIR sensor perfectly covers my driveway, and also covers my entryway closer to the camera without issue. If I flipped it over, I’d either have to re-aim it and miss the entryway, and the top 1/3 of the camera would be aimed at nothing of interest to me, or I would miss half of the driveway, and that half is where we usually have a car, so that half is very important to cover.


Are you saying that the outdoor cam right side up is with the magnet mount above the camera?

We don’t need fewer rotation features, we need more. For monitoring narrow hallways, side yards, alleys and such, a 90 rotation would be very useful!


The proper way is with the camera right side up (reset button, sd card hole on the bottom), the mount can attach to the top or the bottom of the camera

I was more meaning a company who says we are thinking of doing ‘xyz’ what do you think, before even starting to work on it. In alpha and beta items are being worked on but may change. This may have been sprung in the production app but in this case that was probably better. They said the change was going to happen and everyone could give feedback, not just alpha or beta. They listened and reversed course.


I use the 180 degree rotation option on my outdoor cam in an application not needing motion detection, essentially as a backup camera in the rear window of a travel trailer. Withdrawing the rotation function would make the camera useless for me. I agree strongly with retaining the feature and providing more prominent notice that motion detection will not function properly.

They have decided to retain the feature, but if you aren’t using it for motion detection what is the advantage of having it upside down since the mount attaches to both sides?

Jason, I mount the camera upside down to the underside of the cabinet above the rear window. It is the only place to mount it, and it works without shaking loose during travel. I did not realize the magnetic mount could go on the opposite side. I’ll give it a try on the next trip, however the backside is flat, without the depression that provides lateral stability on the primary side. It likely won’t work as the inside of a trailer even on a good freeway bounces around a lot. Thanks for your helpful response.

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So you’re saying they… pulled a 180.


Are you using it as a rear view camera while you’re on the road?

I had random problem with my sensors no working as well. I found out it was happening when I did a new update. Just reset and it is good to go.

No, just as an assist while backing into campsites.


Hang on a sec. I just read this and I also find losing this feature problematic. I can’t mount the camera right side up so would completly lose the functionality that I purchased. I also am starting to be concerned at the loss of features like person detection. I am sure there are many users of the outdoor camera who will be upset if rotation is lost. I for one would consider the camera defective at that point and not likely to be a future early adopter.

Dont worry, they have changed course so you will not be losing that feature


Wow that has to be the fastest response ever. I was reading another thread and didn’t even get to logging out yet before getting some good news. Thanks!!