Wyze Robot Vacuum

Truth! Me too to be honest!


Here is a serious question before I commit. Are the laser lights harmful to pet eyes? We keep our small dogs in a wire kennel at night and when we’re not home. When they are in the kennel, they are pretty low to the ground and I certainly don’t want to endanger their sight.


question for wyze.
since this thing has LIDAR, will it detect dog poop and avoid it? the one other $750 lidar robovac seems to be able to, other non-lidar robovacs would just run over and smear it everywhere.


It uses a safe infrared laser that your pets won’t see.


The LIDAR detects objects about 3-3.25" tall. Below that, the robot depends on collision sensors. Those are movable side panels with switches that sense collisions. Those work best on solid objects, and don’t typically sense things below about 3/4".


Some questions answered in the announcement thread here:

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Does anyone know about how many sq ft this thing can cover on a single charge?
Is there any kind of limit to how many charges this device can do before it calls it a day, or does it keep running until it’s covered every possible surface it can get to?

I’m doing the same too. i can non longer trust wyze to do what they said they would do…and now I have seen 4 new product releases and pre-orders…I am still waiting for Google integration on the Wyze lock…like they advertised…and nothing. very disappointing.

spot on my friend thats why im not preordering this time, not enough info for me to pull the trigger

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Exactly - Wyze Lock with Google integration, updated RTSP build, Google streaming fixes. All of these issues are small compared to a whole new hardware launch.

I get that these are not important to some but the general community has been very vocal about this and many other high profile features that are not gaining traction.

  • Edit 11/11/20 - Ken pointed out the fact that both Xiaomi and Wyze use the same hardware vendor as opposed to Wyze licensing from Xiaomi - points are still the same though but Wyze is not a reseller for Xiaomi.

What’s really happening - Wyze is a reseller for Xiaomi (Xiofang = WyzeCam, Dafang = WyzeCam Pan, Redmi = Band, et cetera). They slap a different face on it, have their own software front-end, but lack the ability or want to modify core firmware either because of their distribution agreement or other technical factor (either people or capabilities). This has severely limited their ability to address issues in a timely and proactive nature.

My intent on this is not to be negative at all but to inform. I really like my Wyze devices but its taken a disproportionate amount of my time to fix issues that their technical team should be addressing. Expect this product to be a rebadged Xiaomi with slight tweaks and I think you’re at the right expectation level. I’m sure it will work, but I won’t be buying it until I see progress in other areas.

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actually from what I’ve read, Wyze is not rebranding Xiaomi, but rather both Wyze & Xiaomi are using the same hardware vender.


I would be VERY interested to hear how the WyzeVac handles pet hair. Specifically if the hair does not tend to wind into the beater bar bearings and freeze the beater bar like my Samsung PowerBot… which I otherwise love. If WyzeVan can do a good job of vacuuming pet hair and stand up to a reasonably long life in a pet home, I’m in.

Does anybody know or seen the spec’s for the Canister Capacity. We have a dogs that shed and the canisters fill up pretty fast on other Robot vacuums.


Thank You

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Thanks Ken for the clarification - I had thought it was different. Same points apply either way (distributer model rebranding).

I edited my original post to reflect the incorrect content.

it handles cat hair very well from what I understand. if you have a longed haired pet, not sure if it would tangle on the roller or not.

how is capacity typically measured for others?

Anyone know size of dust bin? If full does it stop and indicates so?

Look up :slight_smile: